I'm not surprised you're exhausted! That's a huge days work right there, how much total weight have you shifted about in one day!?!?

Great progress, @tipu curate

Thanks for swinging by friend!🤗 It's hard to judge exactly what the weight would be with logs but the lightest weight around 250-350 lbs(110-160kg) and i know the heaviest I've moved is well over 1000 lbs(450kg). Just yesterday evening i moved a total of 9 logs (the last one i need) to the build site. But concrete is another each bag weighs 80 pounds(35kg). So it's easy to calculate. Last week I moved thirty bag of it so 2400 lbs(1090kg) from the road to the build site. I do get to cheat for some of that though and use the four-wheeler.

Those are strength sapping weights.

You need some help from these guys...

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Those logs are massive and so many. I haven't seen this method of building before. Does it have a name, so I can research it?

I notice you haven't debarked the trees. Was that by design or an oversight? The bark will rot first, hold bugs and cause the structure to deteriorate at an exponentially faster rate. This is especially true where you added concrete. The chemicals in the concrete eat the Wood faster too.

But my gosh, that's a lot of work you are doing with so few hands. You have my respect.

The name of the building style is "I was told I'm a non-essential worker so I can't workand I can't afford to live in my house where I'm at now so I have to build a hut in the woods to live in", style. 😂🤣😂
As far as not removing the bark, we have added an agent do the bottoms of the trees that soaks into the bark and then also into the hardwood and acts as a preservative and an bug barrier... But on top of that, this structure only needs to last for two to three years. 4 once we are completed here, I'm going to build a stone house at my homestead and then we will use this place as a storage facility until it's no longer usable.
Thank you so much for swinging by friend and also for offering concern and trying to help in case I didn't know about the bark situation. 🤗🤗

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