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RE: Hatching Chicks with a Broody Hen

in #homesteading4 months ago

Love your enclosure for chicks. It's very similar, just smaller, to ours. We've raised up to 95 chicks at a time each year, but not this year. We always got the day olds as close to May 1 as we could. One day I wanted to set up to do a broody hen, but the first obstacle was being allowed a rooster....


Oh that’s interesting that you’re not allowed to get a rooster. Is that a city policy?

95 chicks is a lot! We’ll probably be raising larger batches in the future too. Maybe this spring!

No it was the policy of my late husband. He could not STAND crowing!

I’m so sorry for your loss. Roosters are so loud. I don’t blame him for not allowing it! I’ve gotten used to it now. It sounds like a farm.