Children & Chickens Love Gardening

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I Am Beyond Blessed

When I suggested that I would be cleaning up the front yard #growfoodnotlawns gardens, my two youngest sons lit right up, "we're gardening today?!", they were so excited. It really brought me life and energy to get this season going, their enthusiasm was absolutely contagious.


Stryder was the greenhouse man today, and you can watch his creations in action in the video I'll post at the end. He made a few inventions I've never heard of until today.


The children also love playing with all of the stakes for the plants (as swords and spears), gardening tools (to smash and claw), and they were even using liners of these planters I have as shields lol :)


The Boys' Puddle Barometer Experiment


So it looks like the sunflower stalks they threw in there have broken down quite a bit, the big rainstorm we had pushed some of it out of the puddle. Time to remedy that...


(I totally encouraged this.)


Chicken Halpers

After we had raked up what was left of last year's garden, the chickens set to work finding bugs and of course attempting to scatter our raked piles everywhere. If there's one thing chickens love it's scratching apart nice big piles that you worked hours making :)


We're halping, we're halping!


Even if they undo a bit of our work, it's just good to see them so enthusiastic with the new fun things to explore. When we took out all of the dead plants and stalks it opened up a new world to the girls, they had plenty of treats to search for.


You can see the lilies are growing now, in the box to the right of Grace. At this point I'm really hoping she leaves those alone with her scratching.


John Cena is busy tilling and fertilizing this bed.


Mr. Pendock...slackin' (he calls it 'supervising' smh).

My Film De Resistance

"Chicken Tillers & Child Inventors"

(Video 2:12)


Missa me eh?

I hada the boys diggina the holes ina the garden yesterday too......

Sixa foot holes fora the enemies of the Chicketta Family.

You knowa thata Bigga Smokie he worka for me now, so ifa you see hima bury something you walka way, capishe!?

Don Poltryoni - Legitimate Businessman

I heard you're recruiting hens for your new concrete enterprise, is this true legitimate businessman?

Don’t ever aska me about my business, capishe?
Ok, because it’s a you I’ll tella you........
It’s a concrete boota business, there is a biga Chicken Mafia war coming, I’m gonna makea lotsa cash...
Bada bing!!!

Hahaha .. smooky what he do .. hahaha, he is always be spotlight the hen.
Hi Stryder, that it interesting creations.. Nice day @lyndsaybowes :)))

Yeah Big Smokie was trying to make it a NSFW film! Bad Boy! hahaha!!

You have a nice day too, great to see you as always @au7ia :)

Hahahahahahaha .. I laugh very hard .. hahahaha..

Your word is so funny @lyndsaybowes, hahaha, smookie .. smookie ..i can not stop laughing .. :D :D

I'm glad you liked the video, that's so great we made you laugh :) xo

Hahaha .. thanks @lyndsaybowes, this really makes me laugh out loud , thanks <3 <3

I cant tell one chicken from another, but let's give Stryder and Kiedis a huge vote for raking and another for creativity. xx

Lol. Go Smokey Go..

🎶You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals
So let's do it like Smokey on @lyndsaybowes's channel🎶

Ba hahahaaa!! That's awesome and now I'll have that stuck in my head all day!

Happy to see your childs helping you in gardening mam

They really are Angels, thanks @aowal202 :) xo

Finally!! Now if the rain would let up we could seiously get gardening. Oh yea, April showers!

April snow showers today for us, how about you?

I loled when he said strawberries and corn hahaha. What a cute and inventive fellow <3
Yay for kids and chickies helping outside! Come on dryer weather so we can do more!!!!

Yeah it's gonna be pretty weird in the greenhouse if we follow Stryder's garden plan hhaaha! Gotta love that snow out there today NOT lolol!!

I love enthusiastic workers! Looks like they are ready to get into some serious gardening! The chickens are great halpers too. Nice that the weather is finally starting to come around. Can't wait to see the gardens this year!

The boys'll be planting lettuce with me next week, sooooooo good to be getting growing again.

The winter has been too darned long...

What's it like living somewhere that you can grow year around?

I have been successful in almost what Canada considers three seasons. When dry season stretches to seven months, the last few months are brutal to get anything to grow unless we water constantly and even then it might not be enough. We have luck with lettuces, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, the basic blah salad. I do love the fact that we don't get snow and the rainy season is a favourite because everything is so green and fresh. By the end of the dry season, we are praying for rain. Perhaps you can imagine what the countryside looks like after that long with no rain...

Ahhh I get it, so in effect that is your winter. No where on earth gets away scot free!!

Nope! Every place on earth has its own variety of warts...

Video made me laugh a lot... He has big dreams and great imagination... I hope these dreams do not shatter in the future...
Happy to walk with you today. But I think chickens are happier than me because they got a delicious meal today.
thank you @lyndsaybowes

I'm glad we could make you laugh @yagoub, and unfortunately some of the dreams will have to I will need my greenhouse back soon... :)

Trust me though, I don't know if you would want what the girls were eating haha, the boys were finding worms for them too!

I didn't know you had lazy chickens... I'm afraid next time, the boys will put worms in their mouth...haha

@lyndsyabowes, Your boys very cute and strongly active for every work. Last time also I've seen both of them gave massive support to clean environment. Today also they support to gardening.
Nice to see chicken family today. After long time I see John Cena. Roosters gave support to clean environment. Lol.... Nice video of roosters and your young kid. All are astunning today. Have a nice day.

Thanks for watching the video @madushanka, it's sweet that you support our endeavours so much, I hope you have a really great day too.

OMG !!!
Looks like it's been a long time since I saw Mr. Pendock ...
Desperately miss him ,, Mr.Pendock is very different from the others, just look at his shiny tail so it makes him look manly and mighty ..
Wah Pendock ... I miss you

Good to see you and good morning LidiaSteem :) I'm glad you got to see Mr. Pendock, though he is in trouble right now and not one of my favourite birds anymore. Mr. Pendock attacked Peter Parker, and poor Peter died :( :( :( Mean Mr. Pendock!

Oh Pendock ... I'm so sorry to hear that.
It should not happen like that ..
pendock, pendock .... 😟
😔😔😔You should not do that to Peter Parker....

Happy to see your childs helping you in gardening mam...& Nice photography man ☺

Thanks @sushovon002, it's always good to see you, I'm glad you liked the photos today.

I always love to visit your blog mam. ☺

@lyndsaybowes HAHA "We're halping! We're halping!" really got me!

I think your sons are really blessed to be able to go out & work with their hands (they seem to thoroughly enjoy the work!) 🌻

I'm glad you got a chuckle @joeylim haha, my friend @phoenixwren always says halping when animals are doing what they're best at hahhaa :) :)

Doesn't it just get those juices flowing when spring comes and we can once again become much more active and feel like we accomplished so much everyday. I love how the boys help you and we can't forget the chickens. I'm hoping you get some beautiful chicks from those gorgeous chickens. <3

Thanks SeaReader! We had to stop breeding them actually because we had too many cute chicks and now we get 24 eggs a day LOL! Too many, I end up boiling them and giving them back to the girls, we can't sell enough. Hopefully in the summer when all the tourists are everywhere around here we'll have an easier time. Thanks for stopping by, always lovely to see you!!

Your kids are lovely. Work and play in open air and do constructions freely is very educative!

Another beautiful day in paradise eh @lyndsaybowes although I'm still waiting for the silent movie style chicken reels :D But seriously it's great to see the boys so enthused about being outside and helping their Mum .. excellent stuff, hope you're looking forward to a great weekend with the family.

Thanks PF it is pretty awesome, and the best is the sun is actually shining today!! I hope you have a good weekend too xo

The Supervisor sounds like some device like those speed regulators on cars.
John Cena looks huge in that photo!!
YAY gardening beginning! It's supposed to snow here tomorrow again, lol. 😥

Ahh coonty April!! Wrecking all of your chalking missions!!

It began in the middle of the night. Doesn't stick to pavement, though; the ground is too warm.

Chickens and children indeed, such a fun combination to light up life :) That's awesome that your boys were so excited to get out there with you and clean up the garden!

Thank you Momma!