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RE: Hatching Chicks with a Broody Hen

in #homesteading4 months ago (edited)

How gorgeous. There's something so sweet about a mother hen and her chicks. Unfortunately, hen raised ones rarely like us, so I tend to incubate more.

I just left the following message with canadianrenegade, because they probably missed the growth of the communities while they were away. I'll paste it here for you too.

There's a lot happening to form a support network with the communities at the moment. I didn't realise you hadn't posted this in one, but the Natural Medicine community is a good place for it. Unfortunately, most of the homesteading communities haven't really taken off, but NM is really active and I do the Lotus Garden homesteading newsletter for the community.

Using the communities can help us to bring more rewards your way, but don't feel obliged if it's not your thing.


I actually haven't seen any homesteading communities here on hive, at least not yet. Whenever I write a garden related post, I use "homesteading" as one of my tags, but that tag doesn't seem to be very well followed.

I think jacobpeacock started a homesteading community, but it didn't really take off. Possibly because natural medicine was already so well established with a reasonably big vote.

I only really go through the homesteading and gardening tags once a week when I do the Lotus Garden. I wish I had more time to frequent it more often.

Thank you for this advice! I posted my new article to the NM community :)