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Soy Melts

It has been another long week of working on the fall line for Sunscapes Soap Shop. This week I totally focused on making 100% Soy Wax Brittle and Melts for tart warmers. I have so many wonderful scents to use that it is often hard for me to choose which ones to do. So much so, that I had to order more soy wax because I ran out and still had many fall and winter fragrances I wanted to make.

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I have to say that it is very hard to choose fragrances because so many are just delightful to the senses. I would have to say that it would depend upon what type of mood you're in. Snickerdoodle fills the room with the scent of fresh-baked cookies, while Hazelnut Chocolate reminds you of your favorite latte.

If you are feeling like a pick-me-up the Sage & Citrus or Lemon Lavender are to die for, although not literally. To wind things down for the night a wax melt called Butt Naked will put you in a very romantic mood with its frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla, and musk. It is one of the favorites no matter what I put this scent in.

Wax Brittle

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You may be wondering what the difference is between a melt and the brittle, absolutely nothing but the looks. Sometimes people only want to burn a small amount without having to use a larger melt block. This makes it easier for them to use, however, one needs to remember to keep enough in the tart warmer so as not to over-heat the dish.

The Cedarwood & Sage above also has a touch of Palo Santo in it along with Black Tourmaline crystal chips to disperse discordant energy from the room. Also, I have created a whole line of "Intention" candles that are infused with crystals and botanicals too.

It is such a delight to be able to use my creativeness to manifest some really fun and healthier products for people to use.


candlemaking 3.jpg

As you can see I have 24 candles going at the same time. I am only making 4 of each fragrance for now as these will be part of some gifts sets this holiday season. My senses were on overload while I was making them all in one day. The fragrances are quite strong, so much so, that my neighbors could smell them next door.

Intention Candle

candle nature spirits 1.jpg

Above is a sample of what my Intention Candles look like. This one here is scented with Wood Moss and infused with Moss Agate, Golden Quartz, and Amethyst crystals. I added dried ferns, lemongrass, and thyme and adorned it with a "handmade by me" dragonfly charm.

This is for all you Nature Lovers that appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and perhaps would love to intend to connect with the elemental kingdom.

That is it for today's post my friends, I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to this week.

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Until next time, this is Sunscape
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Oh wow this is beautiful @sunscape 😍 and this undoubtedly smells beautifully !

Hi Barbara, thank you so much. My house smells so awesome between the candles and the soaps. ;-)

This is lovely 😍

Hi Erikah, thank you very much for the share, I am glad you like them.

Wax melts, candles and soaps really getting back to soft natural fragrances around the home.

You really have been busy at the end of summer months using so many different materials from around the garden, looks simply stunning Wanda.

Very productive, a lovely way to share your knowledge on a variety of things you enjoy doing @sunscape


I think my creative juices just never stop. Before I know it I find myself knee-deep in another project. This one has been so much fun that I had to order a huge box of soy wax to keep going. lol I have a lot of holiday scents to use so candles are perfect for them. Have a great week Joan, it is nice to hear from you.

My Mom used to make a lot of home made hand creams, never soaps or waxes so always interesting learning other people passions and talents.

That is great, I have not done hand creams yet but have done salves and balms along with body butters. They tend to keep me busy enough. lol

These are so wonderful, Wanda! @suncape The very sight of them washes goodness over my soul. On first look, I want to eat them all, but, I used to melt something similar to this when I first got marries, it sent waves of scent wafting through the house. I don't think my house ever smelled so good as when I used these.

I absolutely love how you used pieces of nature in them. These are probably the prettiest ones I have seen in a long while! If I was ordering them, which is the site that is most advantageous to YOU? I would love to give them a try so the next time you post something on them, I can speak first hand!

These are awesome! A perfect #MarketFriday post. LOL

#MarketFriday loves you anyway. :)

Upped and Reposted

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I am still in the process of packaging and posting Denise, I will have to let you know when I have them listed on Etsy. Sunscapes Soap Shop or Crystal Vibrations. I will probably put a few on each site so people can find me. I am so happy you like them as I know you have great taste!!!

These look so delicious!! I would eat them too!

oh my, I bet you would not get the whole thing down, lol.

I love looking at your creations! They are so lovely and interesting. :))

Thank you for the kind words, I do keep busy.

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