Happy HPUD / HivePUD Day! A Few Words About Powering Up.

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Happy HivePud and happy April Fool's day. Let the trickery begin! No tricks in this post today though.

It's the first of the month and time once again for Hive Power Up Day. If you don't know about HPUD / HivePud, many of us buy a little HIVE and add it to our Power Up. For the most part, it's just a great way to support the community.

This will be my 8th consectutive PUD!


I actually kept it small this month and only added 39 HIVE to my power up. The image says 31, apparently I can't do basic math when I first wake up. I wanted to get myself to a nice round number of 4000 Hive Power. After realizing I wasn't at 4K I added another 8 making it 39.


I set a goal this year to reach 5500 HivePower which I think puts me in the rank of Dolphin. I started around 3K for the year so 4 months into the year it's looking like I'm right on track to hit that goal!


I would have liked to add more to my HivePower this month but when we were around 13 cents I bought a bunch that I set aside for computer money. I've been working on an older computer and it's really time to upgrade. So I dipped into my computer money for this months power up. I'm not sure when I'm going to pull the trigger on the new PC but it will probably be somewhere between $1 and $2 Hive.

Not Powering Down This Market Cycle

This part of the post might be a little controversial, but The Dood always tries to call it like it is. For the most part once I put HIVE into Power Up I never touch it! I have HIVE I use for trading, I'm now hodling HBD and loving the interest rate! I play around with those positions. I'll rarely touch my Hive Power!

On that note, I've already made a decision not to touch my Hive Power this market cycle. Regardless of price I really want to hit my goal of Dolphin by the end of the year. Still, I'm not going to say I'll never touch my Hive Power. Back when we were on the "other chain" I watched my account go from being worth 5 figures to a few hundred dollars. I trade market cycles and this is the exact reason why. Although I'm not touching my Hive Power this market cycle or probably this year, once I hit dolphin status I may do the occasional power down from time to time. I live off my trading and I just can't stomach watching the account price swing that much. I'd never completely power down but take some gains and replace them later then continue to build even larger!

With that said I wouldn't hold it against anyone that did a small power down when the time was right. These markets are cyclical. We don't just go straight up. Some people can handle watching an account value swing from 15K - 20K down to a few hundred dollars. For others that is a down payment on a house, a new car, bills, food, each persons needs differ. For some of us a five figure social media account is a serious luxury! I would never hold it against anyone that takes some gains from their Hive Power around a peak market cycle. I'm not sure we're there yet though, and honestly I feel HIVE has a lot of room to grow. I think we're around the halfway point of this market cycle but that's just a gut feeling I have. I'm honestly expecting HIVE to reach between $2 and $5 dollars by the end of this market cycle. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

Why I PUD 🤣

The main reason I power up and participate in the Hive Power Up Day is for the community support it creates. Not only does Hive Power increase our influence in the community but more than that it's a great way to share the wealth and help us grow together. Increased Hive Power gives us increased voting power. By building your Hive Power you're able to give increased votes and basically share the wealth with the rest of the community and your friends when you vote on their posts. For this reason I'm very conservative about any decision to power down. If it's not an absolute emergency or just too much money to look the other way, my Hive Power doesn't get touched!

If you'd like to find out more about HivePUD you can check out this post.



Recently I noticed I had a lot of incoming delegations! I was actually shocked when I seen the amount of delegations I had coming in. I think some of the delegations were from contests I participated in. Anyway, I wanted to give a sincere and heart felt thanks to these accounts for delegating to The Dood. With the increased Hive price I've been putting the delegations to good use and trying to upvote as much content as possible!

@dhenz - aka TheyCallMeDan Thank you for your generous delegation!
@c0ff33a - Thank you so much! Your generosity is much appreciated!
@jeanlucsr - Many thanks friend. I appreciate all you do for the community too!


Also, seeing I'm thanking people! I can't forget @traciyork I just wanted to shout out and say "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE COMMUNITY!"

Also @nathanmars. I've never seen someone so dedicated to supporting and promoting our wonderful community here on HIVE. Truly inspiring! You rock man! Thank you for all you do! We all see your hard work and really appreciate it!

So that's where I'm at with this months HPUD / HivePUD. This will also be my first post for the #HiveBloPoMo (Hive blog posting month) @traciyork hosts this every year! This is my second year. You can find out more about it here. Short version, it's a commitment to posting daily quality content for the entire month of April! I plan on posting daily, hopefully YOU find the content quality! You can find out more here:


Wishing you all a prosperous and productive April! I hope you'll consider joining in on both the #HPUD / #HivePUD and also the #HiveBloPoMo challenge. Thanks for reading and love you all! We have an awesome community here on HIVE and I'm so proud to participate and appreciate each and every one of you!


Congratulations @the-bitcoin-dood! You received a personal badge!

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Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - April 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

Hi @the-bitcoin-dood, you were just shared some LUV. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Sounds like you have your strategy nailed down! Nice one on the power up and I've been thinking more about my own approach. I always thought 2,000 sats is when I will start considering the stake. Would be cool to still be an Orca so would only ever PD to about 52k but if the prices really do go to eye watering levels, then I'm going to have to assess!

Either way, happy PUD and hope you get to your goal!

Thanks, and happy PUD to you too! Can't wait to get to dolphin! ORCA goals are on the horizon! One step at a time I guess! Cheers!

Well done on powering up bro every step to our goal counts

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Thanks man! Together we grow!

With yesterday's power up, I hit the big 5k. I am thrilled. Like you, I have decided not to touch the HP and hodl. I will keep the HBD liquid. It's strength and our weak currency make it a sensible and accessible rainy day stash.

They told me 5k comes quickly. Well...read my post...🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

I cant wait to get there. I think the liquid HBD is a great idea. We're all pretty concerned about our currency here too. They keep printing money and these "stimulus" checks aren't helping the situation as far as dollar strength. Pretty scary times for everybody. The rainy day fund is a great idea. I've been trying to keep a rainy day crypto fund too just for that reason. Everyone says the 5K comes quick but it has taken me awhile. I've grown a lot though since we've left the other chain!

Congratulations on hitting your 5K! Good luck and stay strong! I think better days are coming for us all!

No, for me, it has not come quickly. I've made it happen over the last few months, but prior to that, I wasn't "working it". It's effectively taken me three and a half years with at least 6 months of those when I disappeared. That was not long after I signed up and for two reasons: I was in a bad space and had RL stuff to deal with. More than that, though, four years ago, this (on that other chain) was a super unfriendly space. Especially for someone who couldn't code and who's a bit of an introvert.

However, things have changed - in more ways than one.

Seriously, I do wonder about the world economy. South Africa's ratings are now all junk. That makes any currency stronger than ours an attractive proposition. At 1:14, I'll take that. Even if HBD drops - it still earns interest - as does Hive. So as I said to someone else, having not spent a bean of fiat, and mostly enjoying my time on the chain, I'll take that. And if it makes a rainy day fund, I'll take that too. Heaven knows, I could have used one in the last year.

Which reminds me: how are your family members doing? Recovering, I hope?

Be well and I hope it's a happy Easter for you and yours.

Awesome!! I powered up yesterday and today also.
Additionally today I am burning Hive and declining rewards.

Click the Barrel then vote on the BURN post

Thanks, just voted. That's a pretty interesting concept for sure.

Thanks! Can you think of two reasons you might want to BURN rewards?

Lower supply. Increase value.

I've been powering up small amounts even if it's not the 1st of the month. It's great to see the value increase and would love to reach 5K HP too. Congrats on yours.

Thank you! It has been a fun journey. Keep on growing :)

Good to see you progressing. It's getting expensive to buy HIVE to power up, so I may do less of that. I am earning quite well on my posts and my vote it worth a fair bit. It is a case of the more you have, the more you make, but much of life is like that. Let's just do good where we can.


Thanks for the LUV man. I'll be adding that to my token list now! I LUV that concept!

It's great seeing everyone grow now and the price rise has got everyone smiling too! I love these days!


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