Leftist ideology is exhausting.

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Yes, random person, get shitty with me because I think even evil people deserve safety in prison. Is this a society or isn't it?

As much as liberals are so very shitty about so many things, I do at least see liberals more often going "human rights should be universal, no matter what" whereas leftists are more likely to do the "everyone gets human rights, unless you're a cop, a billionaire, or a paedophile" type stuff.

I know that's more a "edgelord extremely online preformative leftist" thing than an actual principle of leftist thought. And I know that often the liberal "human rights apply to everyone equally" is often a lead-in to "discrimination isn't enshrined by the law so it doesn't exist anymore" bullshit. Or to be like "Nazi punching makes you just as bad as the Nazis", which totally misses the dynamics of punching someone who is out on the street threatening people with their very presence is very different from punching a Nazis who is under your care and control.

I get all that. But still it is fucking exhausting.

Aside from this specific issue, there's like a general trend of thinking of "universal human rights" as a a centrist liberal position and it getting a lot of shit as a result. And I hate it. I hate it so much.

Again, I know it doesn't reflect like actual leftist ideology, but damn does it reflect leftist communities some days.

People want very badly to divide people into acceptable targets and innocents. When in actuality it is usually about context and power dynamics and today's evildoer can be tomorrow's victim.

Like, this is an extremely hot take right now, but when Canadian soldiers executed German - Nazi - POWs in the invasion of Sicily that was an evil act deserving of punishment. Even though the victims were Nazis.