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Hello to all,

Some new features and adjustments at the end of the month.

News message

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News message

Gems competition

A new competition will start on Monday March 22, 2021 with a new winning system.
The competition will reward players using gems by giving a percentage of the gems used except on the market.

1st30 %20 %
2nd20 %15 %
3rd15 %10 %
4th10 %5 %
5th5 %2 %
6th to 10th2 %X

For example, if during the month of April you use 500 gems and you come 1st in the monthly competition, you will get back 30% or 150 gems.

This is a test, the gains paid back may change.


Two new quests have been added:

LevelBuy objects in the shopSell objects in the shopRewards
110 objects15 objects3 gems
220 objects25 objects6 gems
335 objects40 objects10 gems


Two new features for the marketplace.

The first is that you can now display objects only if they are for sale against nuggets. To do this, you just have to check the box above the list of items.

Display objects only if sale against nuggets

The second:

Some players use the market as a secondary inventory by putting objects for sale well above the store purchase price.

To counter this, several systems have been put in place:

  • You can't put more than 10 objects for sale on all markets combined (global + clan);
  • Players with 10 or more items currently on sale will not be able to place any more items until there are less than 10 items;
  • If objects have been on sale for more than 10 days AND are more expensive than the shop price, a tax of 1 nugget will be levied on each object;
  • If objects are on sale for more than 10 days AND, if you sell them for gems, and the selling price in gems is higher than the buying price in shop/60, a tax of 1 nugget will be taken on each object (example, if the object costs 130 nuggets in the shop, 130/60 = 2.16, the maximum price is 2 gems) ;
  • Gods are not affected by the price and duration;
  • It is useless to remove them and then put them back on sale. Days will not be reset to 0;
  • It is useless to sell them to another player and then to buy them back. Days will not be reset to 0;
  • If you sell an object you bought on the market but never owned, the days will be reset to 0 for you;
  • Days counted are only for objects that are more expensive than the shop price. If the price is higher and you decide to lower it, the days will not be counted anymore.

If an object is on sale at a higher price and for at least 10 days, the price and duration color will turn red.

Red if at least 10 days


In order to support Human-History, an advertising agency has been set up. If you wish, you can deactivate your ad blocker to help us. The ads will not affect the navigation of the site.
To disable your ad blocker, go to your favorite search engine and type "Disable + the name of your ad blocker".


The price for increasing the size of the inventory will be reduced from 5 to 2 gems. People who bought 5-gem slots have been refunded the difference.

The purchase price of gems has been lowered by 20% to balance the price with the usefulness of the gems

QuantityOld PricesNew Prices
10 gems2500 HISTC/2.5 HIVE/1.99€2000 HISTC/2 HIVE/1.59€
25 gems5000 HISTC/5 HIVE/3.99€4000 HISTC/4 HIVE/3.19€
50 gems9500 HISTC/9.5 HIVE/7.49€7600 HISTC/7.6 HIVE/5.99€
100 gems18000 HISTC/18 HIVE/14.29€14400HISTC/14.4 HIVE/11,43€

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Have a nice day


added a small vote trail. Hope this helps over time.

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It is nice to see that game is getting better and better. I like the advertisement option, as well, which is another incentive for playing the game.

Thank you very much 😁
I hope you continue to enjoy the game 😉