What ?? I Bought A Cheap Rug Without Looking At The Details

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Hi !

After work tonight I had to run by the drug store and Dollar General and of course I swung by and bought a BBQ sandwich on the way back home.

I went in DG to get two things and came out with both arms full. ha ha.... one of the things I grabbed on a whim was this rug. It looked a bit natural maybe a little boring, but I only wanted it to go under my work desk. I usually keep a small rug there on top of the carpet to keep my carpet clean.


After I got home, ate my supper and put a few things away, I grabbed the rug, tore off the tag and THEN decided to read it. What a Ditzy Broad I am, right ?

Below is what I saw ! 100% unknown fibers. What ??? Not only that, you are only supposed to spot clean..... so of course the first thing I did was put it into the clothes washer ! It's spinning now ! We'll see if there is anything left of it after it is done.

To top that off, it also says it fails the US Dept of Commerce flammable standard ! WHAT ?!?!?! (again)..... Boy ! Did I choose a winner or what? I'm not even sure I should touch it, much less have my feet resting on it all day. (I don't wear shoes while I am working... ok.. ok... I never do unless I am going out)....


I had to laugh, maybe a little nervously though.

In my life, I've been a little more careful about things I buy or I think I have. For some reason, it simply didn't cross my mind to inspect such an innocent looking rug so closely.

You can be sure I've learned my lesson about it though.

Who knew ???.... and it's not like they were trying to hide it, but for real, should anything be sold here that does not meet the minimum flammable requirements? I'm thinking not.

Just thought I'd share. 🙂

Hope you are all doing well.

Luv ya !



I might toss it in the trash! Unknown fibers? Flammable? Yes. Definitely. That.

By now.... those are my thoughts exactly. Why would anyone even sell such a thing? (Why would anyone buy such a thing???.... oops !) LOL

Haha! Well, sometimes a weak moment on my part. Hungry, thirsty, or just bored may bring me to a place I don't need to be. :)

Especially hungry.

Because I like certain carpets, usually the Aubusson type, the go-to place is like a TJ MAXX or Marshall's, Tuesday Mornings, or even an occasional Ross. I do like Dollar General for cleaning agents though.

Now, I have to as you, why would anyone buy such a thing?? LOL

Toss it!

Who knew there was such a thing as 100% unknown fibers?? How could anyone put out a product with that. How could regulations (if there were any) let that be acceptable? You know if they won't tell you what it's made of, it can't be good!

It's no doubt I should have read the tag, but my arms were full and I was carefully balancing things just to pick it up on that stoopid whim...ha ha.... won't happen again as long as I have any brains left. I wouldn't have guessed in a hunnert years if you had asked me to make up the most ridiculous thing a rug tag could say.

If it says 100% unknown? Yes. Pretty sure it has STUFF in there that they don't want to tell you.

Eye of Newt... you know.

That is the rub! I always think that nobody would try to pull the wool, but, yes they would. It was made in India, which is regulated differently than here, but, we let it in the country??? Really?

But ... really?

Yikes! I hope you dont have static electricity in the winter...that rug just might burn down the house! 🤣

LOL.... I do wish I had looked at it in the store, I would have thrown it back on the shelf so fast ! I had my hands full already and it was just a whim as I went quickly by. That's what buying on a fast whim will get ya! I'm not sure what I am going to do with it. It is out on the porch drying. I decided not to put it in my dryer.....LOL !