Huobi.. might be the best !

in #huobi5 years ago

Hey guys, 

These days there are a lot of very good, trustworthy exchanges . It's hard to decide which one to use for your daily trades. 

I've been using HUOBI for a while now. I first opened an account and deposited when I wanted to buy WePower as it was one of the first exchanges that listed it. Everything went smooth . The are top 5 when it comes to volume for most pairs. 

Recently I deposited my EOS erc20 to receive the Eosdac airdrop . A few days after the snapshot I got the tokens, withdrew them to another exchange and sold them to get more EOS :)

THey throw away all kind of competitions and give-aways and I'm a sucker for free candy ! 

If you don't have an account yet, feel free to sign up through my link HERE :