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I haven't posted anything here for a few days, in fact at this moment I have been missing my job for Hive for a few months.
Well I'm not stopped recently I discovered NFTSHOWROOM
and I have even produced some works there.
I promise to be brief in this post.
NFTSHOWROOM is a site dedicated to art.
We produce art and post it waiting for someone to buy it or keep it for a more expensive sale.
This will have potential for those who produce but also for those who just want to buy and sell.
What is certain is that dozens of incredible works are sold every day.
the most important thing is that it only mixes with Hive and is something created here :)
We have very expensive works already and I also end up doing a presentation of my work for you

thumbnail_Mei original.jpg

I recently produced this work that I think the fair value for it is around 500 Hives . it is not easy to keep a cat on the scanner for a long time and due to the work it did I think that easily those who buy it can resell it right after purchase for about 800 Hives

Nft is clearly growing and there are already many people doing "art trading" which makes a future market very popular among the most.
For those who produce it is great because they can finally see their work having value and for those who sell it can be good because it can fit a lot of money depending on the eye for the right work.
My work has 3 editions which ends up making it rare and which may reach 2000 hives or more in a short time.
I hope you enjoyed it although I talked more about myself I invite you to enter: so that you can check with your eyes as many of you may not yet know
or even buy my art :)
well be well and hope everything is fine with you


I wish you luck on your art and hope you sell it for what you are looking.

As for NFT Showroom, it should be explosive over time. NFTs are going to take off and we all know that it is gaining more attention. The fat that it is on Hive is exciting.

We are able to leverage the feeless transactions and 3 second block times.

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The art seems to have found its place in the cryptocurrency world and those talented get to the end user more easier. Just another way to remove the traditional barriers of art creators and open a new market for them and also for the art lovers to reach interesting creation more easier.

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