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I recently built a website to level up my writing hustle!


I'll start by saying I'm a writer, not a web developer, so I've decided to use Wix Website Builder to put this fancy page in order. I wanted to wait until it was fairly put together before I talked about it here, and I've still got plenty of work to put into it, but I like the way it's structured so far. I chose Wix mostly out of familiarity and ease-of-use. They provide everything I could possibly need to achieve the goals I've set forth, and do so without my needing to hardcode a website from the ground up.

"So what's the website for?"

In a nutshell, the new website will act as a portal that bridges not only all the online communities and activities I take part in, but also those offline. It will help me lead people from the real world to places like Hive, while helping me grow an income by writing.

- I want to funnel potential copywriting clients.


I post about being available for writing work on numerous websites and job boards. Having a single place that I can post my CV and writing samples should make client acquisition much more efficient.

Those interested in my services can even book a consultation directly from the site, cutting out a couple more steps out of the process and prevent me from having to manually book someone after they've emailed me showing interest.

- I want to advertise my upcoming book.


I've been writing a series of fun science articles for a little over three years here on the blockchain, and I decided a while back that I eventually want to turn it into a physical book. Having a landing page of sorts that gathers the entire series in one place will help readers follow along, and help with promotion when I begin the publishing process.

- I want to build a passive income through blogging


I'm coming up on my fourth cakeday here on the blockchain, and in that time I've really become enamored by the idea of earning money for the things I write about. The only issue I have is how difficult it can be to create a more long-term income like one can with a "traditional" blog and ad revenue.

I not only want to start porting over some of my favorite posts from HIVE, I also want to start writing more content about using the internet to earn money. This will allow me to practice targeting certain keywords for SEO and ranking on search engines.

- I want a place to promote HIVE and more

I often talk about HIVE to people I interact with offline, and I've found it somewhat difficult to educate and onboard people without being there to talk them through it. Having a "promo" page on my site will allow me to give someone one link that will guide them through the entire process of getting on the blockchain and informing them of all the opportunities to be found here.

Things are getting serious

Getting this website set up and online is just the first step in the next chapter of my writing career. I want to start getting a lot more serious about landing clients for freelance work, and building additional sources of revenue with writing.

Do you have a website for your hustle?

Share a link and a little bit about it in the comments!




I like the way you've done this and I really need to do the same on my personal domain.

So I see your conversion point is a calendar. But this just leads to a potential client sending you an email with their request.

Does Wix offer any other conversion options that may be a bit more relevant to the exact service you're offering? For example so a potential client can instantly pay for say a 1000 word article without having to go through that process?

Just trying to think how to make it as easy as possible for clients to pay and book work.

An idea I had was to set my site up as a Shopify store. I've seen some examples of service based businesses using Shopify and it does make the ordering process really easy which I liked a lot.

Anyway, just sorta thinking out loud here :)

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I believe I can indeed set it up so that someone could outright order an article, but without leading them to a large form for details I'd have to consult with them anyway. I don't think the way it's setup is perfect, but I'll figure out a more efficient method soon enough.

I like the idea, and I may just have to put in the work to build out the forms to let someone pay upfront and provide the details I need to deliver an article within a given timeframe.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope everything is good down under!