# I Am Alive Challenge.

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Today, May 6, 2020, I thank God that I am alive. My family is healthy and everything is quiet in the area. My ducklings are growing and I hope that these 3 that remain will reach old age.

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My ducks are also alive and we should learn from them. Mom takes care of them and teaches them and they follow and obey, that will lead them to grow strong until they can leave their mom.

We must wait patiently until the 25th until the quarantine ends to see how daily activities are integrated.

Let's stay home where we can be safe, always go out with our mouths covered and wash our hands often.


Thank you Isabel @isabelpena for the images of your ducks and showing strength and Patience.
It is different in other countries of the world but there is light at the end of this tunnel

Made in Canva

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That's very true friend @russellstockley, I thank God that this virus has not reached us much here in this city. The government and we have taken great care of ourselves. Thanks for your comment.