My Betterlife ! UPSC (IAS) results Shivam illuminated the name of our district in all india 36 rank

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Hello hive friends,

I hope you all are well and healthy.
Everyday I do new things and I love sharing my daily experience with all of you.

So let's start, about of my today diary entry.

I woke up at 5am today. we were ready till 6 and then we started walking. We went through very nice places places which were very attractive and also we saw the beautiful sunrise. When we were going, we through a place where we could see the harvested crop kept on the field. and they were presenting a nice Scenery.

Harvested Crops Kept on the Field.

Harvested Crops Kept on the Field.

And then we continued our walking and then when we were coming we went through a nice road which was clean and there was no vehicle and then also since the pollution was not there, we could feel the nice breeze blowing. Then we reached our home and then i went to my room for seeing the television and then after that i went for a bath and then i had the breakfast and then i went to my office.

No Pollution

Then I reached the office. I greeted my colleagues. Then we had to do today's anchoring, so we all went to the anchor room. I anchored the news there. And I shared the news and set today's news schedule. Today there were many news. Some positive and some negative. However, I only share news that I find well and new. So let's talk about the news. It was news that as there was a Vaccination programme being held in our country in which people were vaccinated in our country with the vaccine of covid-19 and they were given 2 different doses.

Our Country Vaccination programme

In the second news it was about In UPSC (IAS) results released today, Shivam illuminated the name of our district in all india 36 rank. He made his parents feel proud by doing so. All his family members and teachers where happy for his success.

Shivam illuminated the name of our district in all india 36 rank


I was home till 8 pm and then i cleaned my hand and then i went to my room for having a dinner and while eating the dinner. Once again, i started to watch the IPL season 14. This match was between KKR vs SRH and in this KKR won and i was very happy and then i went to my room for making a post for @hiveblog and after it was completed, i went to sleep.

Thanks for all hive friends


Have a good day.

I hope you like it.



🤔 I wonder which state

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