Aren't we too tied with Technology

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Computers and Smartphones have made our life super easy, now we do not have to take notes, remember contacts or remember anything for that matter because Google is there. They are making our life super easy, so-called hundreds of Apps help us do so many things with a single click. We can contact and get an answer from any part of the world or help anyone even if we have not met that person.

For me the best part is Google Maps, I can take my motorbike and go to many places without having to worry about the path because hey Google has an outstanding map. Now in previous days, we used to remember each and every path we used to take so that we will not forget the route while coming back but that is not the case anymore because we have google to remember it for us.

Now because of this great technology advancement, our life became a hell lot easier, we do not have to ask for routes anymore, we do not have to remember/write down contacts, taking notes became easier, easier to find places, etc. But along with that, there are a lot of disadvantages too, like now the human face to face interaction became nil, too many online frauds, a lot of time is getting wasted online by so-called social sites, etc.

Now the question is aren't we too tied with Technology. On Saturday, I went to a meetup which is around 20 km from my place, even though I know the route I still have started Google Maps. Now suddenly Google Maps started behaving weird and giving all sorts of the wrong direction. Mind it, I had good internet connectivity on phone and I had used Google Maps in the past too.


See in the above photo, the circle is where I am because since I know that route I have taken it. But egoistic Google Maps is still showing its old map. Now as a newbie who might not know the route can be easily lost because of this. Though it happened with me couple of times. So now what I usually do, is just confirm with someone that am I going in a correct path or not.

Now you might be asking how come, looking at the Google Maps will make us tied to technology, then think about people going out some 10 years back. They did not had Google Maps as such still they used to reach their destination. In my opinion, what I feel is that we should not fully rely on the technology information provided by these apps fully.


Google map is definitely not having all updates for India , especially some tier 2 cities. One of my friend even got lost on NH5, he was going to Bangalore from Bhubaneswar, and it landed him in an abandoned bridge. From there, it tooks almost 4-5 hrs for him, to get to the tracks, the biggest problem being, people in that village in Andhra pradesh, understood neither English nor Hindi. So all it was having a conversation using signs :)

That's bad, in my case I stay in Bangalore and it seems to be working fine few days before though.

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