Me at our office (Not the quality content you are looking for 😃)

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After such a long gap of 2 months, today, I again went to the office of our school. Parents were coming in asking for the date when the school will reopen..



hmm, you look so thin. Hope all this covid clears up

I'm fundamentally thin in nature. 😃

We are desperately searching for ways to come back to home. No way seems to be feasible for us now.

I am sorry to hear that hope you find a way soon. Cases are increasing here in Kerala also and I hope they dont close borders. Flights?

Bus is there. But it is difficult with my wife along with me.

To get a flight we have to reach either kolkata or Patna which itself is a 12 hour journey.

Waiting for any shramik train.

Oh dear, ok. I hope you will be able to get to come back to your home soon before the rains start