Cyber Crime coordination Center, India

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Ministry of Home Affairs has proposed the scheme to introduce Indian cyber crime coordination centre (Also called as I4C)for a period of 2018-20. This System will have 7 working components:

You might have heard of recent boom in terms of internet users in India with launch of 4G. Which ranks India 2nd in the world. Which automatically increased the demand of pornographic content. With this it is also important to keep a watch on weather anything wrong such as online content pertaining to Child Pornography (CP)/ Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or sexually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (CP/RGR) should not be uploaded or shared through internet.

So central Government of India has launched A Cybercrime Reporting Portal to Report such online Content.

In future this system may also work on other Cybercrime.

You may read further details here

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