Convert Garbage to food: Now in India

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Yes you read it right now you can exchange your Plastic Garbage for delicious food.

Ambikapur Muncipal Corporation has launched a Garbage cafe 1st of its kind in India. It came as an effort to promote goodwill in people to properly manage that house waste.

This cafe offers food in exchange of plastic Waste, and you will get

A full meal in exchange of 1 kilo Plastic Garbage and,
Breakfast in exchange of 1/2 kg plastic garbage.

It is also a logical step in AmbikaPur because it is already 2nd ranked in terms of cleanliness and 1st place is held be Indore.

All is a Part of "Swachh Bharat Campaign" to reduce the plastic Consumption in state.

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I wonder how we can convert the garbage into crypto tokens and reduce littering trashes on the street, and if we can make it come true, it's just amazing!!! 😉
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