An ISIS Affiliate Becomes Anti-ISIS American Partner Force by Pentagon's Propaganda

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But that's normal for an establishment that exchanged the term 'killed in action' with 'brain injured', and also 'steal the Iraqi oil' to 'preventing Iraq from from possessing WMD'.

In a recent post by Military Times, a publication claiming to be 'not a US government publication' and its About page starts with this: 'Service members and their families rely on MilitaryTimes as a trusted, independent source for news and information on the most important issues affecting their careers and personal lives. ', imagine... in this recent post they called a proven ISIS affiliate operating in Syria as a 'US partner force to fight ISIS.'

To gain sympathy and mix the majority of their followers who won't go past the title in general they showed a feature image of a US patrol and the title runs:


But when you read further down you'll see there was no 'American' operator involved, rather a rag tag offshoot of al-Qaeda which became an affiliate of ISIS, the group that helped ISIS terrorists carry out one of the ugliest massacres against the Syrian people in the remote villages of Sweida province killing 215 residents, injuring 180 others and kidnapping 27 women and children.

I wrote the following reply to them which I'm sharing here to preserve it:

'I'd like to say it's funny but it's not, the US interference in Syria and elsewhere especailly in our region under different fake pretext kill hundreds of thousands and displace millions, not that the US people care, all their care is a couple of thousands of dollars those merceneray soldiers earn to bring food to the tables of their families mixed with blood of innocent people.

What's ridiculous is how the Pentagon propagandists think if their own followers are dumb then the rest of the world are dumb: an ISIS affiliate group becomes an anti-ISIS group like the so-called Maghawir Thawra, and the US's own illegally created coalition that was only created to see ISIS growing as per John Kerry's own voice leak is marketed as to fight ISIS... But sooner or later the US people will realize how their regime is playing with them but it'll be too late, just like the invasion of Iraq based on lies and because nobody was held accountable, on the contrary the same criminals are brought back to destroy other countries..

Here's some info about the ISIS affiliate and what they actually do:'

Then I remembered I didn't mention the Sweida massacre and followed up with this reply:

'Forgot to add that your 'American Special Operators' as mentioned in the title, and later down 'Partner force in fighting ISIS' is the group that facilitated and then protected the fleeing group of ISIS that carried out a heinous massacre against the remote villages of Sweida province south of Syria which resulted in killing 215 of the residents, injured 180 others and kidnapped 27 women and children who 19 of them of them were later released by a special operation of the Syrian Arab Army:

Don't say later the world 'hates you for your freedoms', the world hates you for your crimes and your lies.'

Your objective comments are always welcomed.

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ISIS and Al-Qaeda obey the same leaders: USA, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.