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RE: Pfizer And Moderna Crash And Burn. The Day Funding Freedom Became Terrorism

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I would have used Donations instead of Founding, because that describes correctly what they are, and making donations for freedom illegal also has a more powerful message.

You go to talk about how the FDA (and CDC) are acting as criminal rating agencies did with the triple A rated mortgage bundled securities that were mostly made up of Not AAA mortgages. Will they Bail out big pharma? Lol the implications are as dysfunctional as it gets, which would be a point I would megaphone if I were you, you go instead to say that..

Our conclusion is that speculation has allowed delaying the ugly truth about monetarism itself. We can rest assured that Dowd and co are not going to give back their portfolios' earnings that have enjoyed a great boost from the perverse vaccine rollout. Such a dilemma cannot be prevented as long as monetarism will continue to exist because speculators always turned a blind eye to the true risk when seeing something (highly) profitable.

So you're implying that they will go bankrupt, or what? I've made this point many times, Iceland Jailed its bankers. So when you seemingly relish at the current state of affairs to point out that Capitalism is the problem, consider instead that the problem of slavery existed long before capitalism, and that maybe there isn't one single Thing that is the problem. Reducing our ills to one single thing, is a cosmic farce, not only do you disable yourself and everyone else as powerless, even the ones in control, as powerless to their desires for this one thing, but what is the alternative!? O yes, abstinence from capitalism, eh mass because then we will be free spirits? But how can you battle someone who "has all the research and resources and is an evil genius and is collaborating with millions, and a pet quantum computer", o yes, you become aware of it. Aware of the speculated supercomputer that renders Crypto meaningless, as the super villains are what? Propping up monetarism? Destroying monetarism? Both? Neither? But clearly they are concerned with profits from their vaccines..

It has never been clearer than that: we are in the midst of a metaphysical battle aimed at the human soul. The fear of death and the fear of separation are the same. Exclusion from family and friends, one's possessions and social rank, being left behind, etc. But if we have the courage to scrutinize our entire civilization history, our souls have always been blackmailed like this for centuries. This is nothing new. We are just witnessing a state of affairs that can no longer be ignored or denied.

We are witnessing people standing up to tyranny and watching the despots expose themselves as they over react and try to over reach, meanwhile people are Exposing the criminal actions of the FDA and big pharma, and the market reactions..

As for that message of we bring nothing to this world, not even ourselves or our children, and can't nobody take anyone or anything out of this world, not even their thoughts or secrets.