Blackrock CEO Expects Central Banks to Issue Digital Currencies SOON!

in #informationwarlast year (edited)

We came across a CNBC headline that immediately catch our vivid attention while watching yesterday's Russell Brand podcast. Controlled opposition or not, he delivers pretty good data recently. This CNBC article mentions that Blackrock's CEO saw the Russia-Ukraine war accelerate the use of cryptocurrencies.

We got kind of surprised since Blackrock (and Vanguard) does not invest in cryptos and we reported about it a few months ago. But as soon as we scrolled down CNBC readjusted the headline by stating: (CEO) Fink didn’t mention any specific cryptocurrencies but wrote about the potential of central bank digital currencies. He is concerned about money laundering between Russia and Ukraine and of course the safety of his investors. So here is what got us "Putin The Villain". We can now descend into the deep hole of tyranny.

Digital currencies issued by central banks will be very different than cryptos because all the expenses can be tracked and denied at any time if deemed inappropriate or criminal. We spoke about them in our previous blog: Digital Programmable Currencies... When (almost) Nobody Can Buy Cryptos Anymore. We can't wait to be proven wrong but everything seems to be falling into place again.

So, this Ukraine crisis is far to be waged to save democracy but to implement totalitarianism. And when we see how misguided crowds are and pushing for a Western coalition to defeat Putin: the plan is working just great. We scrolled down our feed today again, glancing at the Ukraine-related (save Ukraine) headlines, and could imagine the horror movie playing out.

We agree with Russell Brand quite much in this podcast: as long as we create new trends without taking the elites into account, the same elites will always find new ways to squash dissenters and freedom lovers. Cynically perhaps, they are the ones creating every new trend to propel their agenda.

If freedom isn't free of charge freedom does not exist. So how are we going to resolve that? Our situation is definitely sobering because the ruling ideology moves very swiftly. It is like a chess game that has been completely mastered by a few at the top while most of the population is quite clueless about it. The energy goes where the attention goes, right. We agree with this BUT ignorance of the facts will never make anybody right.

Then we stumbled upon an article on Resilience worth sharing because our worldly state of affairs keeps worsening despite our so-called brilliant technology, then maybe it is time to question our use of technology. Remember when the internet came about, we were told that it would enable an unprecedented freedom drive and look at what has happened instead. Fact-checkers are hiding everywhere and Orwell turns out to be proven correct. As a society, we have also become increasingly neurotic, disconnected from nature, and close to 60% of the population globally have metabolic diseases.

On top of that, the Internet itself causes mass pollution on many levels. It is a highly toxic cloud that accounts for 40 percent of electricity usage worldwide! What for, mass surveillance and keeping track of our vaccination history? Although we sure believe in "fusion power" (and we have seen several headlines contending that fusion is closed to becoming reality), such an amount of energy shouldn't be used to threaten our sovereignty. There is no justification here, no matter how we look at the picture. The Human Race is in the midst of an unprecedented identity crisis that could end either way. And the odds don't look great at all.

Technology must serve freedom and we are far from that!