Planned Global Food Crisis, Guerrilla Grazing... Tesla's Wisdom Must Triumph NOW!

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We noticed this some time ago already and the topic deserves a whole blog. What we noticed is that society still has a long way to go before embracing and turning to Holistic Thinking for help, and recognizing the absoluteness of Nature. Our time on the planet is limited and we're only able to borrow from the environment temporarily. We still behave like spoiled brats among ourselves and constantly act as if we are all-knowing but in the meantime, systemic failures push us toward uncharted territories and we'll have to explore brand new strategies.

Genuine Earth Custodians don't claim to be all-knowing but are just very aware that if an idea or concept cannot be supported by metaphysics (Natural Law), it has no life in itself and is doomed to fail.

We are not talking of the metaverse and its get-rich schemes nor crypto robot trading. As a matter of fact, trading is a 5000 years old model that has not benefited us at all. From there how can we hope to turn things around?

When looking at the big picture, it also became blatant to us that consensus still wants to keep economics, metaphysics, and philosophy separated, as 3 different disciplines that cannot interfere in any way. But that doesn't resolve anything, because nothing is working anyway. One doesn't need to be a genius to see that.

After many centuries, it is clear that economics and philosophy have not eradicated harmful societal patterns, simply because they simply fail to bridge emotional intelligence and logic. Metaphysics is still ostracized by science which claims to be superior to Nature and perpetuates the Dark Ages of another kind. Science has become such an arrogant monolith.

Sure there are some scientists recognizing that the best teacher is Nature itself but a vast majority would rather die swearing by their Petri dishes.

Mentalities are changing but the motion is very slow and the ruling ideology is moving ahead very swiftly. Just watch the latest video by the Ice Age Farmer below and you will understand that individualism was never the right option to fix the planet. We will need a come up with massive coordinated actions of some sort because as long as we focus on our own competitive survival, we are set to lose this meta-philosophical battle. Isolate actions do NOT work and never will.

Even raising one's chickens could get very tricky after hearing the media mention "bird flu" and "zombie deer" and the massive culling of farm animals taking place. No if but when. When will "the agenda" come knocking at your door for "your" few chickens, pigs, and dairy cows?

So Is It What It All Comes Down To?

It all comes down to the understanding of how humility is our only currency during this Great Reshuffling and that we'll not find a way out of this conundrum without it.

Saving Humanity depends on our willingness to overcome the ego' shortsightedness. As long as a majority thinks it can muddle through individually, that s/he does not need neighbors or be part of a community in order to face what is coming, we will simply not make it.

No matter how we look at the picture, at the end of the day, it all comes to treating each other with respect and protecting the biosphere. Enlightenment is also anti-segregation and we'll have to collaborate with all walks of life.

The greatest Teaching of Life is that we have to practice the service to others and any form of competition stands in the way. If the awakening has any meaning at all, that is it! And if we look even closer, considering the duality of existence, the ruling ideology is also here to help us grasp the challenge and force us to make the right move.

We do know though that the system functions backward, every works in reverse and has squeezed the human ability to think straight for a very long time. But to get over this global ordeal, civilization will have to go back to the time, that very day when it all went wrong and decided to monetize nature and then very quickly human life as well because we are part of nature. In these conditions, it is impossible to respect life as a whole.

To live in sync with the homeostasis of the planet we'll have to let go of monetarism for good. Yes, it is now time to take responsibility and become very humble so that our civilization can embrace enlightenment and achieve its ultimate purpose.

On a final note, we do not need to live homeless like this man who has been into guerrilla grazing for 12 years but his story is just amazing! The New Earth will nonetheless require that we find an improved meaning for the word "detachment" so that we can finally exit the Matrix.