The Death Of The 'Freedom Of Information Act Request' (FOIA)

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Nov 2021 | Critics derided the Food and Drug Administration’s request this week for a court to grant it 55 years to release data on Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. The FOIA request was issued by a group of over 30 scientists and academics who filed a civil action lawsuit against the agency

We may not have reported this in any of our blogs last November as it was all over the news but the outrage didn't last long since the mainstream media's objective is to go after the children, and you will comprehend today why it is important that we do something to save them.

“You can’t make a FOIA request until a vaccine has been licensed. Authorization for emergency use is not the same as licensure or approval. (another technocratic loophole!)

However, the FDA was not able to withhold Pfizer's documents completely but nonetheless managed to escape its fate by accepting to release 500 pages monthly over the course of 4 years as the file size is about 450K pages total, the video states @ 2:25min!

Yes, allow us to stress this again: 500 pages merely represent 1% of this entire study paper stating that 1,200 deaths were reported during that 3-month trial within 24hrs after the injection. And that women are 8 times more affected by vaccine injuries within that time frame. The number of participants and adverse effects that occurred beyond 24hs are still unknown.

Cynically speaking, it has never has been clearer: we can rest assured that the FOIA is on its death bed and that the "forces of darkness" continue to implant their grip on humanity ever deeper. Although it was the first batch of 500 pages, the released data was already jaw-dropping as it also reports that children have died during Pfizer's trial.

Harvard study conducted from 2007-2010, discovered that ‘less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the FDA. (TRIALSITENEWS)

We urge you to listen to the journalist from Trial Site News, Sonia Elija, who is breaking down the staggering findings in the video below, and don't forget to watch part 2. Indeed, what may we expect to hear about from the future batches if the first one is so damning already? We recommend that you bookmark her site to keep yourself updated right away because we may not comment on future findings on a regular basis. This topic is just too sickening but we'll keep an eye on any related headlines for sure.

However, we also very recently stumbled upon a series of links (all posted below) speaking by themselves and revealing the amplitude of this planetary nightmare. Going after our children is the very last step of the plandemic. And the reason is pretty simple: the agenda wants to "tag" every human from birth with a "subdermal quantum tattoo" which MIT describes, in 2019, as the vaccination certificate of the future gets under your skin.

We are not going to paraphrase here any further as our main goal was to "condense" comprehensive data so that you can get the big picture and make up your mind.

Humanity is in grave danger and we thank you for helping this data go viral in advance!

With billions of Pfizer COVID shots having been mandated by governments and administered to citizens around the world, there have of course been millions of adverse events that have occurred. A group of scientists has sent a FOIA request to the FDA to ascertain the approval process of Pfizer's COVID vaccine and the first 500 pages of documentation have now been released.

UPDATE SEE YouTube Continues Blatant Censorship

Bill Gates’ Gavi Vaccine Alliance in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program that ought to be required reading for every parent of young children.

Dr. Angelina Farella Reports Pfizer's Clinical Trials For Covid Shot Saw Huge Numbers of Children Develop Pericarditisid (video)

INFUSE 2018 Leveraging digital technologies for finding, identifying and registering the most vulnerable children to ensure a healthier future

Global immunisation coverage has stalled at around 80% for several years. It takes new thinking and technology to modernise delivery systems and ensure life-saving vaccines reach all children. Each year the most promising innovations are selected as INFUSE Pacesetters to receive Gavi and partner support. By connecting local entrepreneurs to Alliance partners, INFUSE creates an innovation ecosystem that brings to bear new ideas and technologies that can revolutionise immunisation.

FDA’s forced hand drops Pfizer’s Bombshell Safety Document (DEC 14 2021)

Storing medical information below the skin’s surface (2019)
Specialized invisible dye, delivered along with a vaccine, could enable “on-patient” storage of vaccination history to save lives in regions where paper or digital records aren’t available.