To the Leaders of the Resistance

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To the Leaders of the Resistance

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Dear esteemed friends and colleagues, I am writing to you today because, as you are certainly already aware, we are facing a major crisis. We are facing many crises actually. And because you are all already well familiar with the details of each of them, allow me to only briefly summarize the situation.

First and foremost, we are heading for a major social revolution, and we have no choice but to face it and to confront it. As evidence for this I would like to direct your attention to Andre Vltchek's latest article, Regime Change is Urgently Washington. Andre lays out the arguments better and more clearly than I have seen it done anywhere to date. He makes many salient points, and high among them is that this situation is urgent. Hence, the reason for this letter to all of you, the situation is urgent.

Secondly, a financial disaster is looming on the horizon, and this financial collapse threatens to cause an even larger economic collapse which would have major unprecedented effects on the whole world. No one knows exactly when this disaster will hit, but economists, bankers, and financial professionals are sounding the alarm ever more frequently these days. I'm certain each of you is aware of this situation too, and if you follow the financial news, you are are accustomed to seeing articles about this so called "Everything Bubble" regularly. Michael Krieger wrote about this situation recently in his article, You Can't Stop the Cycle, which I will leave here as a single reference to this situation. Once again, as with the first issue I mentioned, the situation is urgent.

Third is the geopolitical shift which is taking place in the world, the slow collapse of U.S. hegemony, (or the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world). Tensions are rising between the United States and rising powers China and Russia. The simmering tensions between these nations threaten to go hot, leading to a war between nuclear super powers. This threatens the livelihood of the entire earth. All of us.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the United States appears oblivious to their declining global influence. They behave as if everything is business as usual, busily orchestrating regime changes wherever it suits them, even doing so more brazenly than ever before. They are either unaware of the situation (unlikely), or they are openly challenging the rest of the world to try to stop them. The U.S. does still have the largest military in the world. Perhaps they believe these other nations will never dare to try? Whatever the case, they are playing a dangerous game, endangering the lives of everyone. For this reason too, the situation is urgent.

Finally, let me also briefly mention the state of the environment. It is completely clear that the corporations and governments who rule the world are entirely unconcerned with the growing environmental plight of the planet. Without even entering into the global warming debate, we can definitively say that the environment is suffering unprecedented damage right now. Our fresh water supplies are being polluted, our rain forests are being destroyed, our oceans are dying, species are going extinct all over the planet. The planet is dying, and these corporations and governments are doing it! The situation is urgent!

Because of all this, because the situation is urgent, I am addressing all of you. I am addressing you, because you are the leaders of the resistance. You are mankind's best hope.

Right now we are actively engaged in an information war. Surely you already know this. We are fighting an information war, and we are fighting it against the very people who are threatening the well being of the planet.

As the leading curators, editors, and producers of the peoples media, you are on the front lines of this fight. However you got where you are is irrelevant. You are where are you are, and you are leading this fight.

Also recognize that an Information war is a war. When I was young, and much more naive, I served in the the U.S. Army. My job, my military occupational specialty, was Psychological Operations. I conducted psychological operations, I waged information warfare, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore I have been to war, and I have waged information wars. Right now, dear friends and colleagues, we are again at war. Although this war has not gone kinetic yet, it absolutely will.

And this is the point I really wanted to get at. You are the leaders in a war that is going to go kinetic eventually, maybe soon. Vltchek's calls for revolution will be echoed more often and more loudly all around the world, and eventually the revolution will be underway in full.

Right now however there is a relative calm. Right now, we have the ability to communicate and coordinate mostly uninhibited. This will not last forever, which is why we must act with urgency. We need to begin to take even more steps to work together. We need to get better networked. We need to coordinate with each other more and better. We really need to get connected with local activists first, and then we need to develop strong regional and global connections next.

We also need to understand what will happen when this war becomes kinetic. When this happens, we will be labeled as enemies of the state. We will be labeled enemy combatants. We are probably all on lists already, and at the drop of the hat, upon the arrival of some national emergency or another, we can expect to come under direct assault. Many of us, myself included, will absolutely have to go underground when this happens.

Now is actually a good time to ask yourself these hard questions. Are you ready for this? Are you prepared to give up everything for this cause? The trend is clear, revolution is soon to be upon us. Are you prepared to fight for humanity?

I'm sorry to have to bring up such things. These are really scary things to think about. I'm truly sorry to be the one saying them, but it's important for all of us to be aware of these things. It is important for us to be prepared for these things, because the alternative is to be taken by surprise when they occur.

So this is the main point I want to make. We need to recognize that our time is short, and we need to take advantage of our freedoms while we still have them. We need to start getting organized while we can.

In my article, The Peaceful Revolution, I outlined an algorithm for getting organized. Taking a clue from the Yellow Vests, I suggested that people start holding local community meetings every Saturday. At these meetings like minded individuals can begin getting organized. This algorithm is a template, it is one way to form a global revolutionary network. I want to suggest that you, the leaders of this revolutionary movement, should get on board and lead the way in organizing such a movement.

This is my best idea for how we can get organized and how we can begin to prepare for the events that are soon to come. Other suggestions are very much appreciated of course, but I once again want to point out that time is of the essence. It is better that we try something now, rather than stagnate in contemplation.

Finally, dear friends and colleagues, I want to ask a personal favor of you. I sense, and understand, a certain hesitancy on your part to report anything about the religious experience I have frequently written about. Most recently I wrote an article describing again, in even more detail, a religious experience I had in May of 2017.

I understand your hesitancy to report about something like this, but I would ask that, in my case, you would do me the favor of simply reporting about what I have to say. I don't ask that you support or agree with what I have to say, I only ask that you report on it honestly and according to your own opinions. I only ask that you would review my claims and report about them according to your opinion. In reviewing my claims, I will absolutely make myself available to you for interviews if it is worth your while.

I ask you this favor because, if there is any truth to what I experienced, then people everywhere will benefit from hearing what I have to say. After all, I was informed of these crises, the things we are now facing, almost two years ago, and I was also given information about what we will need to do in order to survive these crises when they get here.

I understand skepticism when it comes to claims about God. I was similarly skeptical for much of my life, at least up until I had this mind-blowing experience in 2017. Back then I would be similarly skeptical of anyone making claims like what I make. I accept that, and I accept any criticism you have.

I accept and well know that I will come under heavy attack when my claims are eventually made known to the public. This is inevitable, and it is something I have been experiencing in my personal life since this all began for me. I accept that and I am prepared for it, or anyway, I am as prepared as I can be.

Despite the attacks I will come under, I still need my message to get out into the world. There are millions upon millions of believers in God all over the world who will join our revolution at a time when we most need them. I am the messenger to them, and to the whole world. This revolution that is coming will be successful because all the people of the world are going to join together under a single banner. We will all be united together against these forces of evil which have been oppressing us, truly, for the last few thousand years.

And anyway, consider the legitimizing effect and the gravitas that my testimony brings to this movement. I am the messenger of God, and I am making it clear who stands on the side of Good and who stands on the side of Evil in this fight. Of course, you already knew where you stood, but many would try to smear you as the bad guys.

Many will suggest for example that you are "Anti-Capitalists", "Communists", or "Socialists". Well, I will dispel the notion that Capitalism is in any way Godly. Jesus Christ made clear that one cannot serve both God and money, (and instead of money we might as well say Capital). Jesus Christ also made clear that our duty, the duty of anyone seeking eternal life, is in taking care of others, especially the poor. Jesus Christ was advocating for, anyway, some kind collectivist system. Muhammad was similarly committed to caring for the poor. So am I.

As I put it in my article, The Final Times,

"I say that our duty is to serve God, and that we do this by serving his creation, by serving the people and the planet. I say that we are meant to take care of everyone, because everyone is created by and is important to God. I say that we are meant to take care of the planet, because the planet is also part of God's creation, and as God told me, the planet was meant to be and absolutely can be a bountiful Garden, producing more than enough for everyone on it. All we need to do, as I was told, is work together to take care of the earth and to cultivate it into such a bountiful garden."

So this is my personal request to you. Please help me by reporting about this religious experience I had. Not in any way in particular, but only according to your own point of view. I ask you to do this because, as I have already mentioned, the situation is urgent.

Thank you for Reading, and God bless you all.

Christopher Carlson (Eddison Flame)