George Soros affiliated Rhino Dung tossing Communist gay Maine Speaker of the house leading communist coup in the Maine state legislature

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Although there is a possibility of yet another wave, this new era where we can once again go to stores mask free may start the beginning of the end of covid19. If you had covid19 you should be immune, if you had the vaccine um did that even work, and if you didn't have the vaccine I guess policy makers have just about given up on you....for the most part. I will start first with a less significant one, before going on to the major incident.

A notable exception is when it comes to covid19. A couple weeks ago a state legislator, Shelley Rudnicki, from Fairfield, Maine was punished by state democrats by inviting feminist Naomi Wolfe to speak against the attacks on our liberties. The democrats, lead by House Speaker Ryan Fecteau, arguing these views were false news, deciding arbitrarily without any notice of a hearing nor a hearing that this republican law maker could no longer invite guest to the state house. . True, Covid19 house rules allowed a representative to invite two constituents to the state house, and Naomi Wolfe is not a Maine resident so it could be argued a xenophobic technical violation with arbitrary punishments (a violation of due process)-but how could this "xenophobic' policy pass a rational basis test in the first place. I am pretty sure this is classic unconstitutional view point based discrimination, but to prove it is not just some technical violation with heavy arbitrary policies one might have to find examples where foreign speakers were allowed without penalty as to also argue a violation of the equal protection clause. Shelley Rudnicki says she actually did check with the executive director of the Legislative Council before the apparent "violation".

7 state representatives protested a mask ban at the state house. After all, the CDC and most stores under their guidance no longer require them. Again a committee of mostly democrats chose to punish the republican speakers arbitrarily for not wearing a mask to the state house. The house democrats, again lead by House Speaker Ryan Fecteau, moved to strip them of their committee memberships. Furthermore, they were to be replaced with democrats. Effectively the Democrats are forcing for greater committee control up in the Maine and to exclude republicans with arbitrary punishments with no fair warning. Now this happened during a time when the CDC [pretty much] says that masks are now optional, so that might ordinarily be a starting point of a rational basis test. Another question is why should the republican committee members be replaced with democrats. But perhaps the ultimate failure in a rational basis test is that under the covid19 guidelines all committee meetings are literally online. You are not going to catch covid19 through a zoom meeting with remote unmasked conservatives. .

This is Maine public enemy #1 Ryan fecteau; Speaker of the house.


The biggest question is who would elect someone as literally lawless and retarded as Ryan Fecteau. I can understand the need for ordinary people to get elected to the state house and bring about change without the need for a juris doctorate, but he is...speaker of the house. There is no excuse for this, but I will get to more soon-and certainly intersectionality has help that man. There may be serious doubts about the elections in the new england states. An audit of votes in New Hampshire found the machines were not counting republicans on folding ballots; the Gateway pundit reports that the same machines are used in 3 other new England states. So there is a 60% chance Maine was affected, and that could help explain why this came out the way they did....but not in his case or at least not this year. In 2020 he ran without opposition.

Many people like the idea of Maine's campaign reform finance laws, but in my limited observation seems to be that it helps keeps the little guys who need to have a voice out of office for wealthier folks or bigger names-including California Liberals. When you need to get an object into motion, you need too have enough force to overcome the static friction-and often the small guy cannot even with the so called match. It is a huge exploit in their election laws that effectively let's foreigners chose their leaders, or let wealthy people ride on clout-and you will sometimes see various people in the media connected to these people out of no where effectively benefiting from free PR. There seems to be a lot of free money and benefits available to the well connected in politics, you just won't really see it till you start researching the people around them. Ryan Fecteau's present Employer is Washington D.C. based Catalyst where he works on and off as an account executive since 2014. . The person who seeded Catalyst was literally none other than George Soros. .

So while the media praised Fecteau for being Maine's first gay and youngest speaker of the house; the reality is he is just one of George Soros's operatives-and as usual hiding behind a protected class so people are afraid to criticize him in fear of being called homophobic. A Maine legislator, like most states, pay rather crappy as these originally were created as part time jobs-people were expected to have full time jobs. His full time Job is working as an account executive again for a firm seeded by George Soros. What is the pay? Dunno. What stops a Soros organization from paying politicians 6 or 7 figures a year to sit in a rubber room to play warcraft all day. In addition to this, A D.C based employee of Catalyst was contributing to his campaign in 2018. I'm not going to spend all night downloading pdfs. I have also unearthed some more information, but it may involve ethics violation in campaign finance. In 2018 he [Ryan] donated to a charity that he also happened to be a board member of. I can't say it is legally unethical at this point, but it sure smells funny.

Speaking of smelling funny. This guy was literally battering people with Rhino dung when he was studying in South Africa, hitting a [black?] Safari Driver in the face. I kid you not, it is in his own words. He admits to battering an innocent African man in the face with Rhino dung.

So, one of our friends suggested we pick up rhino dung, place it in a bag (double-bagged and tied), and throw it into their truck. Our driver stopped got out and with his bare hand picked up a huge piece of rhino dung. We drove by their truck and tossed it. However, the girl that caught it looked down at the bag and with wide-eyes tossed it back into our truck. She later told us that she told her group that she though we threw dung at them, but no one believed her. Anyway, we were not satisfied. So, we drove by again and this time I threw the bag long range as we drove past them. Like a laser, it missed the entire backside of the safari truck and went right through the passenger side window. It hit their driver in the face. He was very upset. As we approached the exit to the reservation, the driver got out and came over to our truck and ripped the bag of dung all over us (specifically me). I was able to find in part because he still uses his catholic university email on his campaign filings. I am not sure how much of this family guy claim is true,but their satirical recommended toilet training book for catholics was :


But anyways, battering people in the face with Dung doesn't sound like a very christian thing to do. It sounds more like he should be a lifer in the funny farm or a zoo, and I am sure the people would consent to the expense of his life long stay there. Tossing feces at people is something that literally a monkey would do-not a man of reason who should be speaker of the house.

Part of what it means to give your consent is to be governed in a democratic system is in having a fully functional legislature. It's not actually giving your consent over to them, it's just part of the magical voodoo they use to justify themselves. Of course you can take that right back, but it could be unlawful, of course, to discuss that unless carefully worded. The illegal games that Fecteau is playing as speaker of the house is largely usurping the ability of the legislature to be fully functional and representative. This George Soros fecalfeliac is literally turning the state legislature into a political apartheid, and destroying that magical consent that justifies their existence to begin with. The people of Maine should and need to be alarmed at this power grab, and should begin the process of abolishing the present government because there is no way they could consent to the way he is running the legislature.

In closing I will add an extra bonus. He bellyaches about a republican lawmaker who used the term Chinese flu, even though it didn't just originate in Wuhan China, but likely came from their lab. . Just remember who was battering African men in the face with Rhino Dung, but somehow eludes being called a racist.


infowars finally reports on the purge, but to no great detail. I left some info on their comments section, not sure if anyone would read it.