how long has the federal government been planning a civil war?

First, if you live in a major city you may want to move out before your city is transmuted into a giant bbq. Second, if you cannot leave or are unwilling to leave, consider buying body armor. I know many people are complaining about wearing a mask, but I am not saying to wear it now-just when the crap his the fan.

I suppose if you want to estimate your city's risk, you could take the number of black people killed by cops, divide that by the black number of people in the country-then multiply that by the number of black people in/around your city. That doesn't mean that in every case it will lead to a riot, and in Kenosha the victim didn't die. And during the George Floyd situation many other places broke out into riots like a domino effect. So whatever the result may be, it is just a scalar to be multiplied by other risk factors. Additionally, there are other factors such as the deranged white liberal trained in being a racist anti-racist.

At present, antifa and the proud boys have been having a skirmish in Portland and elsewhere for over 3 months-maybe 4 now. They are armed with bludgeon objects, paintball guns, mace, lasers, stones, bricks, fireworks, molotov cocktails, first, flags, while also wearing helmets, and shields. For a civil war, it is rather pathetic. A display of dominance by both sides, and an intent to injure but just falling short of deadly force-though it could easily reach that and body armor is a life necessity. Furthermore, If one person mistakes a paintball gun for a real gun, things could get deadly real quick..especially a cop who would mistake a boyscout with a nintendo wii controller as a gunman. . People don't riot when an innocent white man or teen is shot dead by the police, it seems only black people have what it takes to save a society but lack the tactical skills to achieve change.

In Kenosha, an alleged white 17 year old cop loving boy started shooting people-according to claims on twitter. two dead. It is still too early, so I don't want to etch his name on an immutable blotch chain in the chance the twitter patrol named the wrong guy. In south Carolina a man was arrested for shooting at trump supporters. People were also killed during the looting in Minneapolis too. To a large extent we are already in a civil war, but aside from those anecdotal examples the war is still pathetic. The people who want to fight will fight, and the people who want to be let alone...well the people who want to fight and torch really don't want peaceful people to be let alone. For many of us these wars seems so far removed, other than a black lives matters sign or assembly somewhere. But that sense of peace may be deceiving. In the blue cities, life long democrats are starting to turn republican as they see just a few miles down the road all the smoke.

Qualified immunity is one of the, if not the, most repugnant doctrines practiced by the courts. It ends up shielding an officer for just about anything, do long as a reasonable officer would have done the same thing, or if the violation of the law was not clearly established. As a chastise my universities counsel last week, the inability to know the difference between right and wrong makes a person a lunatic. That is because we know from nature what to do and what not to do. At a bare minimum our supreme court justifies trigger happy lunatics, and we re expected kiss the boots that police officers stand in. In a bigger sense, it is the legislatures failure to err of the side of caution-and explicitly tell the lunatic police what they can't do. Due to our indictment against England we have a duty to be better than England, and we have woefully failed from the top down.

May we look at the practices of England during the Boston massacre and the boston massacre itself.

the red coats needed a judicial order before firing. Notice, we don't have that today. Our law enforcement is the very thing that our founders rebelled against. Today's protesters however, harm their own community rather than rebel against law enforcement destroying all right to any legitimate support they are otherwise entitled too.

May we also take a look at the declaration of independence.

Something is going on in our country that is most unnatural. The courts, an aristocracy of supposedly wise men, have betrayed our very people. They have chosen not to study and practice the science of law, but to honor and worship men. The latter is the worship of the antichrist.

We have to acknowledge that they too know the difference between right and wrong. Even Chief Justice Roberts in his 2015 year end reports includes:

So how much wrong must a cop do in order to be judicially punished in this country? Our courts do not even permit a case to reach even a mock jury even for their murders against us. The hypocrisy couldn't be more obvious. But if we were to give notice of our intent to duel a murderous cop, we will be arrested, prosecuted, and likely convicted. As Americans, we have been given the duty to suffer and expected to lick their boots, but they know that they are creating an escalating bubble of resentment ready to blow.

At Least the last Justice Scalia, arguably killed by secret societies, were telling us another truth. If we don't like the tax system we have a duty to rebel. When the government demands involuntary human sacrifices, taking away our speech, and forcing people to lose everything on merely an accusation, I too would say that it is taxing us too much and we have a duty to revolt. And we are seeing that today, even over things where the police might be innocent; Floyd might have swallowed a lethal dose of fentanyl. Too much damage has already been done in our nation.


The practice of qualified immunity goes back some 40-50 years.

But there are other things were should consider.
After Hurricane Katrina, police departments were given grants to upgrade their analog radio equipment to digital devices to include encryption. The Public Safety Interoperable
Communications grant was made possible, ironically, through the deficit reduction act of 2005 through the department of homeland security said upgrades. So with these upgrades, the community, the media, and allegedly even the criminals couldn't keep up with what the police were doing. The media could no longer babysit the police in the regions that chose to encrypt their communications.

So when the media is at the location of an early arrest before it has even started, you might want to ask if the police/fbi tipped off the media and if they are playing favoritism to their favorite news outlet-those who produce the best pro-agency propaganda. And so CNN was almost certainly tipped off about Roger Stone.

So needless to say, if the police wants to arrest a person for speaking his mind these days, a reporter will not be able to pick it up on the scanner if they live where encryption is practiced. At best they might have to order copies of warrants the next day, and often have nothing more than labels mirroring statutes.

The media effectively lost their ability to police the police, until the era of the cellphone video and police body cams. Then we saw first hand how corrupt they have become-and might have been all along.

For almost 30 years, not just since the parkland shooting, there have been attempts to also take away people's gun rights in courts of chancery that have no chancery jurisdiction-the Family courts. If there is ever an ex parte hearing that results in the civil commitment of a person to a mental hospital they lose their gun rights, imagine that despite the 2nd and 5th amendment. So if a cop shoots your husband or your father, you become incredibly bereaved and depressed and are involuntarily hospitalized, the federal government wants to ensure that you can't get justice against your murderer. I am obviously more of the Thomas Szasz school, absent some genetic disorder or chemical imbalance. Most mental disorders are likely caused by Government itself, and the more Government makes our life unbearable the greater their ability to disarm us. And indeed, the older I get in life, the greater the pain I see marxist institutions placing upon us and our family trying to hope to crack us. And it goes into our childhood from punishing gifted students for being gifted, punishing boys for being boys in class, or pitting parents against another in divorce cases, the family courts depriving kids of their father, coercing college students into debt slavery, and so on. A Texas court even is forcing a boy to surgically become a girl, and forcing the father to pay for it. Den Hollander wasn't wrong about wanting to bring Code Duello Back, these incompetent magistrates would terrified at abusing people and would wish they had actually studied law instead of being a communist activist on the bench. And Justice Robert perhaps erred in thinking that if the court systems broke down people would return to something as formal as code duello, we see what is happening in the streets of our major cities.

Here is one gun rights case I am interested in. US v Eric McGinnis.
I tried to get in contact with the attorney in the mcginnis case. But the Texas Bar didn't deliver my email to him, but it left me his gmail account. I been meaning to contact him through another account, but got distracted with life. Federal court used an order from chancery as evidence in a case where Mcginnis had a right to a jury trial, the judiciary act holds that such orders cannot be sustained. But until challenged, the courts are authorized to engage in such unlawful cases. They worship the laws of men, rather than honoring the natural law or here the ancient and inherited procedural rights of men. But the 5th circuit's 3 judge panel acknowledged they were bounded by previous decisions, they expressed a desire to hear this case in en banc (full court) where they would be free to rule differently. So there is Some hope.

The reason why I emphasize taking away guns, is because the exact opposite is happening at the government end. Since 2010, Under Obama, the federal government has been selling military grade gear under the Department of Defense Excess Property Program-including bearcats tanks to local police departments. . There is evidence that shows the police were getting their hands on tanks before this, . Obama reportedly ended the program in 2015 after pressure from the fallout of Ferguson, but Trump brought back the purchases in 2017 with his federalist schemer Jeffrey Sessions. . Additionally under Obama in 2013, the federal government had the department of homeland security buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. Enough to shoot us all 5 times.

The more our country breaks down, the greater the calls for law and both major parties. The catalyst would be if these light skirmishes, and rare exceptions, become blood baths before both parties concede to make drastic changes in the name of protecting the community.

The police have the tanks, they have the guns, they have immunity, they have no morality and bask in chaos, they can act with stealth, the courts will do everything they can to disarm us, our institutions have been crippling us since many of us can remember, our judicial and enforcement system is taxing us too much and denying us justice, and the top legal minds acknowledge that violence is a consequence but still ruled to to damn the people. Whatever the final act of this play may be, the worse case sure looks grim; The police may exterminate the people most qualified at ending their tyranny, and the rest will be submissive little slaves.

But this play has been something in the making for some 50 years, when the best people trained in law had a duty to know better than take the steps that they did-they knew the consequences. Such conspiracy isn't completely unheard of, it is one mechanism of how communism is thrust upon a nation.



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