Maine lawmakers wants protection orders to prohibit possession of bows and crossbows

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I used to have condesending opinions of professors who thought that a gun ban could work. More so after learning the skill of steel working. But my expectations were lowered by a Maine state senator from Saco,Donna Bailey. She wants protection from abuse orders to stop people from possessing bows and crossbows too. Seriously, though it is just a bill.

hmm, both oak and maple can be used for the bows which both grows in Maine. And adequate string can be made from flax, and hemp-for which there is no shortage of in Maine. Of course there are better material out there for making bows, but really this technology is thousands of years older than a gun-like 60 000 years before the gun-and doesn't have to leave a paper trial.

source:Jagex's Runescape/ runescape fandom.

Now Donna isn't just your ordinary activist just learning the ropes; she earned a Juris doctorate from the Maine school of law back in the 80s. We can guess how many people she had to sleep with to come out with a law degree while being mentally retarded, or we could ask in the Maine school of law is just a diploma mill-but I digress.
You'd think that she might learn from contracts 1, that equity must be curative, that it must be meritorious, that there must be no adequate remedy at law. If someone wanted to violate the murder statutes, a pfa isn't going to disappear a 61000 year old technology that literally can be obtained through nature whose ingredients are abundant, aren't really isn't geographically limited, and pretty easy to work with.
I am not going to rehash older blogs about why Protection from abuse orders violate the first amendment and rules of equity, but I will say that people like Donna Bailey are unqualified to be serving in the legislature, they are not qualified to be practicing the law, and they shouldn't even pretend to have something functional between their two ears...I mean she hasn't even advanced to the stone age.

I suppose the next thing they will be after are spears, knives, and boomerangs. Maybe they will ban suvs, like the one that killed 6 people in Wisconsin.

To make matters worse, there are more retards co-sponsoring this bill. One is a Thomas Harnett of Gardener who is an attorney, New York University school of law, who once worked for the attorney generals office; The private sector apparently had no place for the village idiot now lawmaker. Another Co-sponsor is Ann Carney, who also happens to be an attorney from the Maine school of Law reduced to taking pro-bono cases. Judge her or the Maine school of law accordingly-judge Harnett or the New york University school of law accordingly also.

Sadly it takes money and clout to stand a chance to run for office. Becoming a lawyer, and becoming a highly paid welfare queen of the state may be a persons best chance. Someone who legitimately earns money may be more inclined to continue making money. If the lawyers are all becoming retards working to undermine our every legal rights, whose going to defend our rights? crickets chirping.

I spoke for some time about how the democrats brought back the starchamber through these protection from abuse orders these 3 politicians so love, but it is now far worse who anyone who dared oppose the communist who stole the 2020 election. The starchamber are a court set up, often by a privy counsel, whose duty is to find all those before it guilty of a crime by setting them up to give an oath to tell the truth and never tell them what the charge is. When we look to the j6 committee, they are demanding people give testimony or be prosecuted for contempt as the j6 committee engages in a witch hunt. Worse the j6 committee chair Bennie Thompson says that if a person appears and invokes the 5th amendment, they will be held in contempt. The 5th Amendment isn't just an ancient right recorded in the bible about roman practices; it is a natural right because giving testimony against yourself is a suicidal act against your self-interest. These starchambers were deemed illegal back in the early 17th century, and they should be deemed legal today. It shouldn't be a partisan matter; We need to restrain the government to protect us all.

To Benny's credit he is not an attorney, but he was a political science major...who still should have learned about the 5th amendment in his first class. Benny also happens to be suing Trump for J6, and therefore has a real conflict of interest. In court, if a party opposes/objects to complying with discovery, the matter will go to the judge who will make a ruling based upon the law. In contrast Benny threatening prison to anyone who may object-even if it is their constitutional right to refuse. TBH, to be invited to speak to congress or a congressional committee on an issue should be a great honor. If people don't want to testify to this star chamber, then open up the floors of the house & senate for people who rightfully have issues they want or need to be addressed. If it is illegal for the government to make a law demanding that a person speaks (compelled speech), then why should a congressional committee demand compelled speech?

Where we are in life in terms of understanding our rights took thousands of years of human struggle. We are in a real danger of losing everything, literally to lawyers. officers of the court, who are stabbing we the people in the back. These lawyers are so intellectually dysfunctional that they couldn't even reason their way to really basic stone age technologies. Granted not all stone age technology was basic such as the atlatl, but we are taking a bow and arrow.

It is time to start fighting back against them. Not in the physical sense of course which is ironic to say-because they wouldn't hesitate to kidnap us and extort us for engaging in our natural rights and they deprive us of the right to advocate a proportional response against these violent kidnapping lawmakers. Rather, we need to encouraging people to run against them, supporting the campaigns of people who run against them, and if we can afford it, maybe we should move to their districts specifically to vote against them.


"Where we are in life in terms of understanding our rights took thousands of years of human struggle."

People don't think about this much. They think the Constitution is an ancient document, or the Magna Carta, but they both are based on far more ancient principles, much as are bows.

If we're not careful, we're going to be set back to Neolithic, Stone Age levels of jurisprudence, or worse.


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