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RE: The NWO has fallen? Georgia Guidestones bombed to ground!

in #informationwar3 months ago

Absolutely was a act of vandalism the explosion was recorded. Apparently somebody knew which angle the camera was facing.

I want to see a longer version of that.

Absolutely this is a huge win and I was just talking about the Georgia guidestones and how somebody really needed to vandalize or destroy them and all the sudden it happens.

Well it's a good thing I'm in Oregon and not Georgia... Good thing the Pacific Northwest is a long distance away from there and I'm not considered a suspect.


Mysteriously, there have been a posting 2 days before the attack on the Georgia Guidestones which said that more than 30 satanic buildings will be destroyed in the next times - he could not say when, but that it will happen .. but it is still only a posting ..


Oh I can definitely get some popcorn and check this out....

That sounds like a good idea, enjoy it! 😇

The Washington Monument tilts more, Delays announced to other Monument repairs

Prophetic Headline from John Paul Jackson

Would you happen to have the link for this post?

Unfortunely I can't find it anymore on the profile of the madame ..