UN Thought Police: To protect you from Misinformation about COVID-19 & Vaccines


UN Thought Police: To protect you from Misinformation about COVID-19 & Vaccines

Right as expected, the United Nations is starting to assemble a 110,000+ force of volunteer 'digital first-responders' to protect you from harmful misinformation about Covid-19 measures, vaccines, etc.

Surprise, surprise.

We all know that the primary agenda which was planned in 2019 and even prior is to usher in the Great Reset for their beast system of total control over our lives.

This malicious plan is in line with UN Agenda 2030 which we all know is a complete sham to ultimately impoverish the masses and commit a eugenics agenda across the globe.

This is were the members of unelected supranational organizations such as the UN (United Nations) and the WEF (World Economic Forum) group of technocratic dictators come together and work in unison to impose their will on billions across the globe.

Though they have used their might to coerce countless governments, health organization, and airline associations across the globe to implement the most draconian measures humanity has ever seen on the back of this scamdemic, they have thus far failed to convice the masses. Therefore, they need a little help from the UN and more specifically from this bitch:


UN communications director Melissa Fleming, photo source

UN communications director Melissa Fleming.

As per the recent news (Nov. 30) from LIFE SITE NEWS UN enlists 110,000 volunteers to push ‘approved’ COVID-19 information online:

The United Nations (UN) announced that it has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the leader of the “Great Reset,” to promote a new campaign to control COVID-19 related discussion on social media.

In an interview for a World Economic Forum podcast, UN communications director Melissa Fleming highlighted the UN’s “#PledgetoPause” initiative. #PledgetoPause, which the UN calls “the first global behaviour-change campaign on misinformation,” was launched last month in collaboration with multiple NGOs backed by George Soros and Big Tech companies.

Wow. A global behavioral-change campaign. Translation: a global brainwashing propaganda campaign. It couldn't be more obvious.

They've tried to push the climate change hoax on us for decades and now the same goes for this pandemic hoax. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as confirmed Klaus Schwab regarding the current Covid-19 scam.

Here are some highlights from the WEF's own page entitled There's no vaccine for the infodemic - so how can we combat the virus of misinformation? referenced from this article:

In a world where social media is increasingly where most of us get so much of our information, and where we value freedom of speech as a cornerstone of democracy, what can be done to combat dangerous misinformation?

...so Fleming is heading a campaign to help true information surface out of the deluge of rumours and lies.She has launched 'Verified' - where people can sign up for daily emails on the latest COVID news that comes from reliable sources...

"It is front-and-centre in your social media feeds. So it can compete with the slick misinformation content," Fleming says.

The UN is also encouraging us to stop rushing to re-post potentially dubious content, promoting the hashtag #PledgetoPause.

The UN is also encouraging social media influencers to help spread real news about the pandemic.

"So far, we've recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of 'digital first-responders' in those spaces where misinformation travels," Fleming says.

Also on the podcast, journalist and entrepreneur Mark Little sets out potential solutions to the infodemic*.

He's worked for Twitter and founded Storyful, a social media news agency that had fact-checking at its heart. He has now launched a new company called Kinzen which aims to get the best out of artificial intelligence and human editors to combat online rumours and lies.

"If people cannot trust information about the critical challenges in our world today, whether it's coronavirus or climate change, then we cannot make reasoned decisions as a democracy."

"Misinformation is happening within our friends and families. So we have to find strategies to, first of all, recognize it. And, secondly, as active citizens, just like we wear masks to protect others, we need to be the good citizen, the active vector fighting back in our daily lives."

Be sure to be good little citizens and wear your masks! You see, because if you are sheep enough to do that, you will be sheep enough take their toxic vaccine.

Here we go again..."slick misinformation", "reliable sources", "social media influencers", "fact checkers", "AI", "human editors", and "climate change".

Can you do the math?

It's not all that hard to tally up.

They are essentially themselves spearheading a massive campaign of misinformation by suppressing any fact or viewpoint that will not fit their narrative which serves as a necessary precursor to their nefarious reset agenda.

Here are a couple other notes of interests from patriot Michael Snyder in his article entitled After This New Wave Of Lockdowns, Most People Will Accept Any "Solution" Because They'll Be So Desperate:

When people become desperate enough, those in power can get most of them to do just about anything. The first wave of lockdowns knocked us into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, it sent suicide rates soaring all over the globe, and it plunged millions upon millions of ordinary citizens into a deep state of despair. Now another wave of lockdowns is being instituted all over the planet, and this is going to perfectly set the stage for the “solutions” that the elite plan to offer all of us in 2021.

And if you don’t take one of the vaccines, you may soon find that you aren’t able to fly internationally…

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced this week it is in the final phase of development for what it hopes will be universally accepted documentation that in turn could boost confidence among wary travelers.

The digital health pass would include a passenger’s testing and vaccine information and would manage and verify information among governments, airlines, laboratories and travelers.

I have previously documented this plan of coercing air associations to force passengers to vaccinate:

Do you see how it is all playing out now just as I have suspected and documented?

Synder continues:

If these new “digital vaccine passports” are implemented for international travel, it is probably just a matter of time before they are required for domestic travel as well.

Time to push back even more folks.

Go to Melissa Fleming's Twitter feed Twitter feed and tell her what you think...



Do the same on the World Economic Forum's Twitter feed

Wisdom is action.

In Peace & Liberty,



The backlash on this could be epic!

Yes indeed. But notice how they do these operations "stealthily"; that is to say, they employ their armies of internet trolls to go and infect minds of tens of thousands, one at a time. Highly deceptive. Sickening.