Watch this Before History is ERASED ✏️✏️✏️

History is being rewritten, replaced with inverted recollections of what actually happened...even in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Find out how the trial of Leo Frank served as the catalyst for the inception of the Anti-Defamation League:



I am glad to hear these facts again aired in the light of day. It's brings perspective to the leftist terrorists, the new brownshirts and nazis of our era, and their drive for censorship, propaganda, identity politics, pedophilia, sexual mutilation of children, cultural marxism, racial hatred and oppression (of whites), and many similar and linked ongoing crimes against humanity. The same enemedia that is fanning the flames of russiagate, fearmongering against Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, and justifying the criminalization of telling the truth about crimes committed under color of law in the prosecution of Julian Assange has long been the vector of the associated lies of B'nai B'rith, the ADL, and the SPLC, who now pose as the victims of hatemongers while selling hate wholesale.

Our enemies, the enemies of freedom and prosperity, of our children, communities, and nations, are lying to so confuse us that we become our own enemies by supporting policies and government that will make of us nothing more than chattel.

Stop the hate. Stop the propaganda, censorship, and crimes against the humanity these things make happen. Your post does what can be done to stop those evils.


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History is something that everyone can learn from. This is a post that unveils the history of an organization.

I didn't know the story of Leo Frank, thank you for the sources and the opportunity to reach our own conclusions. Well done.

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History needs to be learned from, those who try to erase it will never comprehend the evil that lies within it.
The organizations of today if one looks back, has many ties to the Freemasons, they are not the only ones but are a major one.
Great post

Nice work, as per usual. lol

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