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RE: The NWO has fallen? Georgia Guidestones bombed to ground!

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I heard about it early yesterday, and it put a big smile on my face. When I heard (and saw) that it had been completely demolished, I felt so much excitement in my body that I had to do my best to chill out before sleep. This is significant I think. Wikipedia was updated yesterday, stating that after the explosion, it was demolished for safety reasons. It's actually gone! Fricking fantastic!


Haha yeah I can feel that my friend!

Let's hope it's not just another fckn false flag thing like usually lol

Indeed. With the intense degree of brainwashing, conditioning, programming, social engineering, and false flags, it does require quite a bit of discernment to get a truly clear idea of what is happening in the world. One thing is quite clear, however. Whatever the "mainstream" message or narrative says, the reality is almost certainly the opposite.

Yeah, William Casey, CIA Director 1981 already said it:

"We'll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False."

Yep, indeed, exactly! 👍🙏💚