Importance of civil engineering in our social welfare // The Fundamental Aspect of a discipline.

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We have become accustomed to the modern lifestyle that engineering has bridged us, from the global vision of this discipline, we as people have been evolving therefore making constant contributions to our quality of life, I think that we have focused the precise objectives for such purposes , the human being has always sought the study of the activities or phenomena that coexist with him, this with the clear and strategic mission to learn from them and to achieve a better comfort while growing and developing in the universe, I can say, that at present we have been both responsible and heirs of all these advances that knowledge has given us.
Therefore, to give a certain area of knowledge disciplinary character, is reason for constant dedication to the invention and creation for a refinement of the techniques used for a certain task, that is, to obtain a cumulative knowledge of quality, we are always has said that we have to have discipline, therefore it is clear synonymous with dedication and dedication to what anyone does for both individually and collectively.
My intention with this article is to show some fundamental aspects that make civil engineering a true discipline, through which we can have a better social development, with this a prosperity in the other areas that surround us every day, therefore it protects us of the climatic changes, due to it the constructions of housing complexes or buildings for such purposes are improved, it facilitates the transit from one place to another, who does not like to arrive early to a certain place, by means of modern techniques said discipline shortens the distances for our transfer, this really lowers the level of stress for the inhabitants of the big cities, among many other benefits that thanks to this discipline we have obtained.

Aspects that support a discipline such as civil engineering:

A fundamental and essential aspect, comes from the scientific field, this discipline feeds on the advances in this area, therefore there are innumerable scientific branches that serve as a channel of knowledge transfer to it, one of the most important branches represent it chemical, petrochemical, they provide innovative and important materials for the good performance of civil engineering, for example, an essential element for the construction is the use of cement without the same would be impossible such constructions, lime is another material to consider, without leaving aside all those materials that originate in plastic, from the simplest tool such as a flat to frisar or cover with mixture (sand, water and cement), a certain physical area, up to modern materials insulating the current electrical, sound and supports for plates that support the structure of buildings of large wingspan.
The manufacture of the materials or tools described above as well as many others, are based on experimental studies of another fruitful branch of science such as physics, it provides knowledge of the behavior of certain phenomena, which we use for the selection adequate materials at the time of construction, as citizens we always hear that when performing any type of construction, it is necessary to carry out a general study of the environmental behavior of that sector where a specific work or infrastructure is planned, in order to satisfy the need for a full society.

Application of civil engineering techniques in the fields of our society:

When we do any tour, either walking or in our vehicle, we are a visual and reliable witness of the application of each of the techniques of this prestigious branch of engineering, this allows any citizen to have some basic knowledge of it, since all activity that is part of our daily life will be frequently remembered by people who enjoy their applications, each and every one of us have enjoyed the spectacular design of a certain physical structure, carried out by the ingenuity and wise by applying the professionals in this area.
Great and fabulous civil constructions like bridges, which thanks to the constant technological developments every day are more reliable and lasting in time, I think we have all had the pleasant pleasure of having gone through one of them, in my country (Venezuela) go through the bridge called Rafael Urdaneta, the same crosses the largest lake in my country and South America, as is the bridge of Lake Maracaibo, is one of the most impressive experience for any inhabitant of this country or anyone of another nationality, are the wonders that this exemplary discipline offers us.


Another of the most important applications at the civil level, undoubtedly represents the housing, we witness the rapid growth of the world population, this warrants then that the housing structures are the most versatile possible, this allows us to take advantage of our territory, therefore, buildings with features and vertical orientation are becoming increasingly necessary, but for this it is essential to provide the safety of them, I think it is here where the applications of the different techniques of this discipline, are required to the maximum, thus depending on a constant transmission of knowledge of quality of the areas that support them and allow their growth and development.


Necessary evolution and development of civil engineering:

We develop more quickly, being immersed in civil buildings, such as schools, high schools, universities, laboratories, but above all in our homes, this then highlights the most important task of this branch of engineering, its necessary constant and permanent evolution so that It can always be at its maximum capacity for development, because only then can it continue to give effective and efficient answers both to us and to future societies. We know that an exponential growth of humanity has been determined in a very short future, I believe that all the chain that supplements this discipline, are and will be up to the demands that it makes, all the branches that nourish it are essentially in love with new and continuous knowledge, are therefore tireless in the pursuit of such an end, with this I believe that future generations would be in good hands, since they will always find in civil engineering their most g rande ally to stay and endure as much as possible on this planet as human beings.

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