Solitary confinement and torture for Trump supporters.

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When I was a young man, I was a hanger on in the hippy crowd. “Come the revolution” and “up against the wall” were all the rage. Well, kids, here it is.

For almost 5 months over 30 individuals have been kept in jail in Washington DC without charges. I suppose the jail is behind the fences and razor wire that also encloses the Capital and White House. They are in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, which means they get 1 hour a day to shower, exercise and/or contact their lawyers. And there have been beatings. The public is supposed to accept that these people are insurrectionists because they participated in “storming the Capital” on January 6. No charges have been laid because none of these people have confessed yet, apparently. At least two men have had their hands zip cuffed behind them and their faces beaten. One of them, Ryan Samsel, had his right eye socket shattered, his nose broken and his jaw broken in 3 places; he may become blind in the right eye. His lawyer was not informed that he was in the hospital until lawyers for another detainee informed her.


A history buff like me is reminded of the dirty war in Argentina in the 1960s with its secret prisons using torture to obtain confessions. Or Stalin’s GULAG or Hitler’s Night and Fog “disappearances”. Or even closer to home, the hell hole of Abu Graib in conquered Iraq, Saddam’s prison run by the US Army and the CIA where Americans were extracting the confessions.

There has been no word on whether any women have been beaten. Personally, I have no trust at all that women would not be tortured along with the men because I’m enough of a history buff to know that once absolute lawless power takes over there is no limit on degeneracy and brutality, no matter whether there had been any sort of civilized law or decent custom in the now-dead days of peace.

I can guess why these people are being tortured, solitary confinement being torture in itself let alone being beaten. It’s to obtain confessions, however false (that’s why Maria Butina was tortured for months in exactly the same way in 2019). And it's to prevent these people from talking to the outside and thus revealing that the so-called "storming the Capital" was a prearranged phoney set-up facilitated by elements in the Capital Police (who opened the barriers and ushered people into the Capital) and honchoed by paid "crisis actors". The House was debating seriously and quietly whether the evidence for election fraud should be heard (I watched some of this debate on line) when the announcement was made that the building was being invaded and the chamber was cleared. Within an hour the all-clear was announced, Representatives were re-assembled and the ratification of the electoral college and the presidency of Joe Biden was rammed through with not one word of further discussion. It was a set-up. These detentions are as illegal as could be. This is why they are so harsh and cruel. They know very well, Pelosi and McConnell and the other organizers of this treason, that they are guilty and should be arrested and charged. If there was law they would be; that’s why they are nullifying the law. They think that they are in charge, Biden and Harris and Pelosi and the rest of those civilians. Yeah? How many soldiers have you got on your side, Joe?

A comparison should be made to the Kavanaugh hearings. During those hearings anti-Kavanaugh rioters flooded into the Capital Building, crowding the halls and invading the offices of Republican senators, screaming at the senators. Maxine Waters incited her assembled supporters to harass, intimidate and drive Republicans and Trump administration officials and their spouses and kids out of public places. Cory Booker did the same incitement to riot. Not one single charge was ever laid against any of the mobs that invaded the Capital and even menaced the homes of Republicans – at one point hammering on the front door of Tucker Carlson's home and terrorizing his wife and kids. Where was the FBI? Ask Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Comey and Ohr and the other top dogs of the FBI and DOJ. Those people are mighty secure now, aren't they? No investigations for them.

There'll be a reckoning. It's already falling out. They trashed the law. They used it like a tool and threw it away. But America stripped of law? There is no America if there is no law. Portland is burning because the Democrats thought they could play games with anarchy. Reality is already dawning. You play with the horn, you get gored. What am I talking about?

Just this. The NSA has got all the emails and all the data on every Trump supporter because they have the data on everybody. The NSA has been surveilling every communication on line in America for many years, ever since they developed that technology 20 years ago. Ed Snowden revealed that to the world. And everybody thinks that the Deep State has a tremendous advantage because of this, and they are right of course. But here's the thing. That cuts both ways. The NSA has somewhere in its data banks everything on Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, the Podesta brothers, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Bolton – everybody. Biden and Obama not excepted. Who is in charge of the “Deep State” and how is that decided, trial by combat? Power, power, who's got the power?

It's all there, all that secret information on everybody, right left and centre. Who's going to pick up that power and use it? Who's going to "wipe" all that (if that's even possible – because it probably isn't) and thus throw away that secret power? That’s the crux of this and every totalitarian coup d’état, the lawless power of secrecy. Because make no mistake, the election of November 2020 was a totalitarian coup d’état. Power has been seized. Throw away your naivety. Stop waiting for the ‘government’ to restore democratic normality. This IS the only normality we’re going to see from now on. So the determination of our future will go to whoever and whatever wins the secret struggles between agencies in and beyond the military.

The totalitarian absolute power has been creeping up on Western democracy ever since 1947 when the CIA and NSA were founded. Other secret lawless “Intelligence” agencies came out of post World War Two as well. Civilian government is very diminutive beside secret Intelligence after 70 years of mission creep. Now, just a few months ago, lawless power has pounced. Fences and razor wire and secret jails and torture: It has all come back to roost on Washington and Washington leads the way to the New Normal.