Bedroom .

in #interior8 months ago

I had to use a total of three software to complete the design. Sketchup for 3D design, D5 Render software for rendering and finally Photoshop software. In fact, you don't use Photoshop but it is not always possible to do the color accuracy of all images with render software. At that time Photoshop has to be used. I had never used Photoshop software before. But now it has to be used to save time. However. The bedroom is furnished with very little furniture. I have rendered some more pictures of the room. But the others are not look so good. All the ingredients used here are sourced from 3dwarehouse. And all the work of texture, lighting has been done with the render software. Hope you like the design.

Sketchup image.png

D5 render image.png

Photoshop image.png



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