Personal office room

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You can get the original design by visiting this link . I didn't do the design. I have rendered some pictures with the design of the office room. I took the design from here. The internals are different from what the design looks like here. The design is decorated in very little space. Many parts cannot be rendered properly. Anyway I like the room . Looks great as a private office room or reading room. I have some changes to the design before rendering. Because the images given in the link are rendered with V-Ray and I rendered them with D5 render software. After rendered images are not looks good unless some changes . Especially the textures. I have changed almost all of its textures. All these are done with render software. And some work on lighting has been done. Rendered in 4K size (4096 x 2160). If the lighting is less than this, many places are getting completely blurry. Only three pictures are given. Three are rendered in three settings. Hope you like it.



Layer 1 copy1.png


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