Hello Steemians Steem Power . My name's Emma , nice too meet you !

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Im joined Steemit about 2 weeks ago. Today I am concerned with the topic Steem Power. The reason for this was that my already in the afternoon to zero. Steem Power we get when others vote for our item. The higher our Steem Power is the more the author gets when we vote for him.
Steemians who have a lot of Steem Power are called whales. What does this mean for our little commuinty? It simply means Teamwork. 

Who gives a lot (voted) also gets a lot in the end.
Only when we work together we reach our goal.

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Hi my best friend ... I say Welcome To Steemit. New House is for bloggers and platforms to share among users. I will always wait for interesting things from every blog you create.

I believe with passion and confidence you can do the best on this site. Keep Steem On and earn a great reward for your efforts. We are waiting for you to come in steemit. Visit my blog I have a recent post about my introduction. Let's check it out. Nice to meet you.
I hope we can build a good family in steemit.

Welcome to Steemit, @bitsdubai!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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