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RE: NEW! - Australian discovers STEEMIT

Hey Kieran!

Hahahahaa, thanks for letting us know exactly how to avoid you. I'm from Melbourne too, although I'm in the States (of American, not just other Australian States) at the moment. Your photos are beautiful, particularly the Melbourne one... which as a view I've probably seen a trillion times looks amazing through your lens.

Please make sure you check out @teamaustralia and the posts by @choogirl to join the #TeamAustralia gang who are all super supportive and great at upvoting.


Thank you! I'm checking out @teamaustralia and everything steemit :)

Awesome dude. If you have any questions about anything, hit me up... I'm not a guru or anything but I've been here like 6 weeks and jumped well and truly in the deep end.

Also @kieranstone you should really join steempunknet (the awesomest game on Steemit!) because @aussieninja is kicking butt and we need reinforcements lolol ... Okay... well, I need reinforcements ;)
You can avoid us in our discord channel:
But anyhoo, a warm welcome to Steemit from your kiwi neighbour. :D