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RE: Hello Steemit! Actress, Singer and Fianceé of Charlie Shrem !

Thank you babe very excited to be part of Steem:)


Welcome to the world of friendly community @courtneywarner

Follow me @Yehey to get in touch.

Welcome to STEEMIT, Courtney! My only real question to you is how, as Charlie Shrem's fiance, was he only able to convince you now to finally start posting?!

I know though from my own experience, it's not all that easy to convince even those closest to us to start posting (and of course, there is a bit of a learning curve as well). However, once they do, they're usually hooked!

So, now that you've written a few posts, are you hooked on STEEMIT yet?! 😁 lol

hi @alexpmorris very good question. I was on the fence because I really didn't understand it. But when Charlie and I went to Germany I met a lot of kick ass people that were part of steem and it just intrigued me more. Also, i don't consider myself a writer, so I think I was scared to be honest. Although yes now you could say I am completely HOOKED! Steem rocks!

That more or less often seems to be the way the story goes! And even for those who first come for the rewards, once they start "feeling" the community, they're totally hooked!

Welcome again, and look forward to "seeing ya around"! :)