The useless facts that make life interesting

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  • Intellectual
  • Polymath
  • Savant
  • Genius
  • Know-it-all
  • A walking encyclopedia

We have a lot of ways to describe a person that knows a lot about a lot. A person with a skillful mind and a phenomenal memory. Someone that knows the right answer to all the questions and can cite the book it came from. We love those people, we celebrate them as a society, we appreciate their unique value.

But what about that other guy?

The guy that knows nothing about Napoleon's famous battles but knows he was 170CM tall, which is not very short at all and very average for that time
The guy that doesn't understand chemistry but know that if you put a Mentos in a Diet Coke you will get a fountain show? link
The guy that knows that when everyone thinks that every redhead is Irish while the country with the highest "Redheads Per Capita" is actually Scotland

image source: Pexels

We want to celebrate you: "person that knows nonimportant things that are not useful".
We know you will not get a Nobel prize, but you will spark every conversation.

We don't know how to call you, so we just call you "that FUN guy!"

This account is dedicated to fun, useless, unimportant, enjoyable facts!


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