The Long National Steemit Nightmare Is Over! Introducing Kitty Bot - 0.050 SBD bidbot!

Kitty Bot is a friendly little bot designed to help Minnows and New users.

What is kittybot?

Kittybot is a bidbot that votes with 10 votes a day. Multiple users can bid in a voting period. If only one person bids, they get the entire upvote. If two people bid an equal amount, they share the vote 50/50. The higher the bid, the higher percentage for the upcoming vote batch.

The above is paraphrased from @inertia

How To Get kittybot purrs?

Send 0.050 SBD to kittybot with the url of what you want upvoated in the memo! When it's time to vote, kittybot will upvote your post with the percentage that it won during the bidding period!

What are you waiting for? @kittybot is currently sitting on


Good Service .

Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for sharing.

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I don’t understand what you mean when saying it will upvote with the percentage won during the bidding period.
Could you please explain? Thanks <3

Most of these bid bots work the same way, if you are the only bidder you get the full vote which appears to be 0.75, but if a second person bids as well it gets split up if they bid more than you they will get a higher percentage, eg. If they bid double they will get 66% of that and you will get 33%. I hope I explained that well!

Oh i understand now. Thank for helping me out.
So in theory... if i wa to bid the minimum amount.. wish i. This case apparently is 0.050 and lets say i am the only one bidding... i would get the whole 0.75 it means I would be earning 0,70 out of doing that?

But then .. if someone elses bids I would just get a portion.. equivalent to the percentage i voted? So if this other person bids the same amount as me, it would be 50/50 ?

Yes exactly you got it!

Does it upvote comments too?

nice post... vote me please