Almost Five Decades Of Quixotic Life Finale


Again please be advised that I am not in any way spamming the hashtag. Don't you think that it is but illogical to abandon a story about describing five decades of living in the midst of narrating it? The limits are real and it is not an imaginary unicorn. Stop getting triggered by things that does not concern you. Anyways unsolicited advice are good but please stop defining my piece as something that should not be considered as an introduction. It is an introduction. It just so happens that it is longer than your typical namby pamby standard. If you are a a lazy writer then do not drag me into your world. The second part has 8150 words and since everybody is busy ignoring my post might as well wait for my chance to fully recharge my resource credits before proceeding with this finale.


My first dive into Solidity and to think that nine hundred days simply passed us by

Fourth Decade Of My Quixotic Life.From 2008 Through 2018.CONTINUATION...

The above items are veritable discoveries. It is provable and cannot be debunked just by editing a Wikipedia page.

    Somehow I got involved in crypto currency mining or auditing operations as I was really committed to digging deeper in order to learn more about the network. If you will look closely at my earlier posts, you will see that I am really devoted to learning more about the inner workings of the crypto currencies by actually getting my hands dirty so to speak. I was so excited during that time whenever I am using a couple of old smartphones to mine crypto currencies. It is a very inefficient of doing it but the experience of connecting to mining pools and the algorithm plus the routine to make it work day after day is the best teacher. This made me realize that Bitcoin is not a scam since everything in the white paper was or almost everything in the white paper was realized and implemented as soon as possible. My eagerness to finally learn Linux also pushed me to learn everything about Bitcoin and the never ending forks of Bitcoin.

    My mother during the early part of 2018 was asking for a little financial assistance. I suddenly had this eureka moment. I suddenly remembered the Bitcoins in my 20 cold storage wallets. They are cold storage wallets from the year 2013 which is before the launch or maybe during the launch of Ethereum Network. I manage to retrieve the corresponding private keys of those 20 cold storage wallets. Unfortunately we were not aware that the December 2017 event was the golden cross moment of Bitcoin. If I did my daily due diligence, I would have converted my Bitcoins for the highest possible price in its history. I was too late but then again this goes to show that Bitcoin is not a scam. This thing accidentally turned itself into a slush fund which was later received by my mother for her housekeeping. Move over Bitcoin haters my mother is now a Bitcoin convert. My Bitcoin stash from long ago came to our rescue.

    I was also somewhat in involved in the Open Source Community in the middle of the year 2016 when I discovered Free Code Camp. This along with the Steem block chain taught me a a lot about the ever changing landscape of coding and we blogging. Steem block chain reinforced my devotion to the philosophy that you shouldn't buy Bitcoin with Fiat Fugazi because there are innovative and creative ways of earning it. The marriage of my newly acquired knowledge of Linux OS plus the algorithmic philosophy of Free Code Camp is really a match and marriage made in heaven. It will allow you to decouple from the the Microsoft Windows philosophy of close sourcing.

    My love for Linux OS started a couple of years ago when I accidentally discovered UNIX OS. I discovered a lot of tutorials with the help of dozens of pirated optical media installers. It was indeed a huge struggle to escape from the Microsoft Windows propaganda and finally having the guts to embrace the innovations of Free Software Foundation which a NIX based system. The NIX based or shall I say the Open Source Community is infinitely better than the old system that enslaved and boxed me for decades. The Linux frame of thought and mind allowed to formulate an algorithm which later allowed me to convert smartphones into a Linux PC. Nobody can teach you on how to do that in a school setting. This smartphone PC is a very strange idea to some but the energy efficiency is what gives it the much needed push to the mainstream consciousness.

    Yearly, I will be stating that my journey in the Steem Block Chain is like a Roller Coaster ride. This year it is still a roller coaster ride as there were confrontations with some influential people who are in this network as well. This is classified by some of the active members as a Social Blogging Space but I beg to disagree. The disagreements of Hivians, Steemian , or Hivers are the fuel of this block chain network and it is not good to be doing a licking thing every single day that passes us by. We are seeking the truth therefore it is but natural to be debating every single cerebral or sensical issues out there.

    Before I was kicked out of the PALNET discord server I had a sing off with someone who maintains an up vote bot. The other guy was devoted to singing a Halsey song while I sang I believe a Carpenter's song. It is somewhat a wonderful experience since everybody is thinking that you cannot have that kind of musical sing off with Discord. It was an a Capella night for both of us and an unforgettable one at that. Today people are using Zoom and other similar service but the Discord sing off which we did out of the blue is a testament to the fact that we love the spur of the moment creativity from the so called shareholders of this network.

    The smart contract programming space is relatively at its infancy stages but it is slowly gaining traction amongst the early adopters and coders. You know very well for my philosophy is to learn by doing. So instead of just reading and watching videos about it I have decided to get my hands dirty and I decided to create and deploy my own smart contract in an Ethereum test network. In the Philippines people are intimidated by this technology so only a handful of people has enough of a practical knowledge about this thing called smart contracts. Most of the University professors are just reciting Wikipedia content in their lecture halls and no practical teaching is ever being discussed when it comes to Decentralized games and applications or even a simple Solidity Ethereum smart contract is being deployed on a local test network in their computer labs. The only way is the practical way so if this is the way higher level institutions are teaching future programmers it is imperative that they need more training before entering the world of block chain.

    Of course losing your precious privacy is a cause of concern during this as some of the concerned bunch are scrambling to find ways to evade the nasty tentacles of surveillance systems in the world stage. Encryption among other things is still an option as well as the use of the dark net or dark web to regain our claim to privacy for all time. We are always yearning for censorship resistant platforms to voice our opinions and concerns and we want to communicate without the spying eyes of some electronic mail server employee or entity. Before they were able to take it down I was one of those who were able to use Tor Mail. I also discovered library materials which were not available in public libraries but are still available in the dark net. The Invisible Internet Project has some strong eepsites as well. They have eepsite applications which are surveillance resistant and quantum computer decryption resistant as well. When the TOR network started there are dozens of privacy applications that alllowed the chosen few who can it to choose from but as the crackdown continues a few would come up to keep the flame. Now Monero is the crypto currency of choice in the dark net market place. You can buy automatic weapons with Monero. If you want foreign or second passport there is a service for a price of Monero. If you want Rona Vaccine certificate you can purchase it for some privacy oriented Monero. Well most of the wares that you can acquire are mostly scams but there are legitimate ones as well.

    Bitshares network I believe started out as Protoshares. The most amazing thing about is it achieved a self sustaining ecosystem even though most exchanges delisted it for having this gut feel that Bitshares is going to become the most successful Decentralized exchange and Margin Trading platform. They invented the easiest way of creating Smart Assets. The test network smart asset meanwhile is a very good practical education tool in terms of learning the value of liquidity and managing money supply. One of the most perfect example of a successful real world smart asset is Whaleshares. By observing their ability to manage the supply of their asset will allow you to clearly see how fiat money or fugazi system works. I am not implying that Whaleshares is a fugazi, just to be clear. Going back to the original crypto currency which is Bitcoin, this just goes to show how wonderful Bitcoin is in terms of its inherent feature of limiting the unit supply of only 21 million.

    To become a good hacker you must master the art of information gathering. After successfully converting my smartphone into a Kali Linux machine as I have mentioned on numerous occasions, my confidence level increased exponentially. There are a couple of things that we cannot learn in a cyber university or a fancy university or even on You Tube but there are things that you will stumble upon and it will be the best accidental discovery of all. I was able to use a simple network mapping application to discover subdomain servers that are weak because of their common firewall settings. It should be obvious even to the most novice penetration tester that all servers connected to router are vulnerable primarily because they cannot block all traffic as it will render their server useless. Blocking all IP address will turn your server into a useless air gapped local machine. Remember that some guy from the Philippines could spot the IP settings of all the supposedly secure servers in the world. Although I can always blame Shodan search engine to divert the attention of the people on top.

Self-Evaluation and Self-Assessment

    The devil is in the details is how the old saying goes. The days when I use to take things for granted is long gone. I am beginning to really see how the money machine works from the the inner workings of several crypto currencies and block chain networks. After being teased by the idea of creating a smart contract, I was able to successfully create and deploy a functional one in the Ethereum Test Network. Hacking is now slowly becoming a part of my life. I am not discounting and disregarding no tech hacking as well. The Steem blockchain totally change my life and I am glad that it is a self-sustaining ecosystem like its cousin Bitshares. I never thought that my Bitcoin stash can be a veritable life saver as I continue to recollect some of the happy thoughts about HODLING the rest of what is left of it in my possesion for a very long time. The Bitcoin King in the making is somewhere in this blockchain pretty much looking like Gollum. My precious.


Hospital welcome kit is the strangest of all welcome kits

Fifth Decade Of My Quixotic Life. From 2018 Through 2020.

    My plan is to HODL more of these so called crypto currencies. The previous decade of my life was a very eventful one in terms of gains. I was thinking that if Bitcoin can reach almost twenty thousand dollars at one point in time, there is no doubt in my mind that it easily reach the Moon in a few years time since the next halving event is coming. Yes, it is volatile but only volatile investments can help you reach the moon and it could also mean that you lose everything on a later cycle.

    My one and only niece wanted to become an honor student says my mother. Well my mother heard her say that so my goal is to guide her in the right direction since this is my forte. We started my own brand of tutoring, the summer prior to the next school year. She hated Mathematics so the plan is guide her towards loving the subject. Then her love for Mathematics grew and soon she embraced the idea of studying all the subjects in class despite the usual distraction like new gadgets and mobile games. True enough my techniques worked and she has been receiving the shiny medal for two straight years. She is better than me when I was her age so there is no reason to take credit. Actually tutoring is similar to an everyday scam because tutors tend take credit for their disciple's achievements. The credit should be given to the student as they are the ones who are motivated to learn. My belief is that only motivated students will excel academically. Sadly her parents moved her to a new city. I may not be able to see her ever again.

    I believe that I have wasted an accumulated total of nine long years taking care of my niece. By the way she was born 11 months before my father whom is her grandfather died. My mother and I contributed countless hours of sleepless nights just to get her to where she is right now. It was a way to gauge if I can raise a family of my own but then again it will be a lie if I say that I didn't regret the wasted hours. When my younger brother decided to pull her out of our grasp in the middle of the medical martial law. I finally decided to focus on being a content creator for Hivians. Well caregiving is taking a toll on my remaining life.

    A few years ago we my older brother and I had a disagreement and that ended our relationship as fair weather siblings. He did not bother to interact with the family for six years. My mother and I had to pay all of his debt from creditors whom trusted him so much but he obviously ran away from his responsibilities as a debtor. He left all of us behind for dead and he decided to severe his ties from us. Last quarter of 2019 something happened to him and the rest is history. In real life and death situation nobody can take care of you better than your own family. The family whom he abandoned for six years to rot in hell is the only thing that he was able to rely on and take advantage of.

    Actually I have spent a month worth of weird routine inside a hospital sometime last year. This is the real reason why stopped writing for the Steem blockchain. Well there are many reasons but this is the main reason. I had to take care of my brother as he suffered from a very serious case of stroke last year. He knows that he is in a dangerous situation since he is a registered nurse turned BPO employee. The problem is the level of arrogance that he brought when it comes to treating the only person who can take care of him. He has thousands of friends but were where they during his moment of crisis. Nowhere in sight and nowhere to be found is the most accurate description. He branded me as his sworn enemy for life but right now he has to swallow all the pride in his delicate situation he is in, for I am the only whom can show him the path to recovery. His coworkers will be there to serve as the eyes and ears of the company he is working for but they will just stay for just a minute or two. To tell you frankly they are as insensitive as the reptiles in the animal kingdom. This person in a hospital bed is holding a grudge against me but I have to waste more of my remaining life just because he has not straightened out his own life. It is a given that stroke patients are defenseless when they are left alone in the hospital. It is also a given that 100 percent recovery is impossible as neuropatterns will change after a successful combination of drugs and therapy.

    My brother's first week in the hospital was spent inside the ICU. They have this special rule which states that you can accompany a patient in the ICU but you will have to sleep on the chair or the floor. The nurse almost killed him on his 2nd day in the ICU with her incompetence. The metal holding the IVs and medicines fell in the direction of his head. If I wasn't there he would have died and nobody will ever know what happened. The railing of his hospital bed didn't help his cause but instead it helped the metal bar to accelerate toward his already traumatized head(due to stroke). My brother was so fortunate that I was standing at the right place and at the right moment. I was able to stop it with the palm of my hand and the metal bar grazed my head for a split second which is when I was able to gauge that he should have been dead due to head trauma just because the nurse was reckless with her actions. If I wasn't there they will provide the nurse with all the protection that she needs including covering for a homicide. This made me realize that it is true when old people in the West use to say that no one died today in our place because all the doctors and nurses are on strike. This one single event could have killed him and host of other factors as these people are use to playing god but in the case of my brother a medical miracle happened. The real work of God prevailed. Five days later he was stable enough to be transferred to a semi-private room.

    His second week at the hospital was a weird roller coaster ride. Nobody in the family knew exactly what will happen next to our very fragile patient. Will he be able to walk again or will this incident spawn a half paralyzed fellow for as long this patient of ours live. Will he become stable enough or sane enough to get himself discharged from the hospital. As usual I am the only one who is insane enough to accompany him for 24 hours a day everyday for as long as it takes. Is this person going to be thankful for all the things that I have done for him? There are people out there who are addicted and oriented in taking advantage of the kindness of another person. No matter what your religion, belief, subscription and philosophy is in life, the Golden Rule is right beside every single BS which was invented by pompous and stupid people. Yes, I would allow you to take advantage of my conscience and kindness but sooner or later there will come a time when you will just reap what you sow. If taking advantage of people is your forte then expect to be on the receiving end of your own medicine no pun intended. You may need my help again in the future but I may not be so eager to respond to your needs in the future. All the while his friends and coworkers have this nasty insinuations as to why we didn't transfer him to a more affordable hospital as this supposed top notch hospital is not going to suppress the hospital billing momentum anytime soon. My older brother told me that he wanted to get back to work again and besides I know the age old tradition of hospitals for they are not bound to trust the diagnosis of doctors from another hospital so they will just repeat the diagnostics after a transfer which will double the cost and the health insurance of the patient will not be able to cover it. My goal then is to help him get back to work as soon as possible. It is next to impossible but then again it is not impossible. His boss is trying to pacify the situation as they are fully aware that he has every right to sue the company for all eternity for not providing any form of assistance to an employee who suffered a stroke inside the work place. So for now it is just the two of us against the world of insanity. It is also up to me to devise a way to help him recover as quick as possible. Twice a day he will be scheduled to take time to concentrate on his therapy sessions. Even though he is half-conscious most of the time he will make an effort to follow the instructions of his therapists. In the beginning he will be given a test to see if he can properly swallow fluids. I forgot to mention that he was forced to eat through a feeding tube when he was at the ICU. The team of doctors have concluded that he will be allowed to eat a sizable amount of semi-solid food but they cannot remove his catheter just yet. The whole time when we were there, we are not really aware of what is happening outside the hospital since there is no way for me to leave him alone as he is labeled as a fall risk patient. It is a windowless room and there is no comfort room. There is little box in the upper corner which they call as the Satellite TV but I don't want to look like an idiot staring at a box whose primary purpose is to spread propaganda, fear, and psychological operations and besides my goal is to get the nod of his physician in terms of him returning to work. They will be taking his vitals 48 times a day. On seven different occasions he will be given his medicines and three times a day, I have to assist during his regularly scheduled meal and I have to do some errands for the patient. He likes to eat his favorite fruits like Pomelo and Grapes. He also wanted a serving of yogurt with every single meal.

    It is quite unfortunate that the hospital billing department have this bad habit of humiliating the patients and their companion. They will barge into your room and they will not bother to close the door. They wanted everybody to hear that your hospital bills are mounting. They will just keep on harassing you for the sake of it. As if the patient's regular schedule is not tight enough. As if the hospital staff are not concerned that we might suffering from cabin fever during that time. Somehow it was able to answer if I can handle an abnormally high level of stress. This is in a way my defining moment. You can throw everything at me but I will just shrug it off very easily.

    For several weeks I unofficiallly became a resident of Makati City. For several days I have been doing everything that I can to help my brother get back to work. So, twice in one day we will transferring my brother from his room through the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation area and back. It is a breath of fresh air to be doing this routine with the help of a hospital staff as we have adjusted to the we don't care about what's happening in the world outside life inside my brothers room. The journey from his room down to the PM and R area is a labyrinth of narrow path ways leading to the destination and the everyday politics of dealing with hospital staff is as complex as a Mensa IQ test. If you are not used to the combination of written and unwritten rules then your next destination is the psychiatric ward. The amount of frustration that you will experience is way too unfathomable. The hospital is like a hotel. Only the richest families will ne served like an emperor by the hospital staff. There is an unofficial tipping system at this hospital . The synergy of making it work to boost the moral of the people within the hospital is somewhat streamlined to a point where it is almost subtle but not subtle enough. Atleast through my eyes, it is not. If you are observant you will how the system works. The unofficial tipping system is corrupt to the core. Hospital people are driven by greed as simple as that. At the hospital money is their God. A high security prison inmate was admitted at the same hospital. He was giving away cash to the hospital people like there is no tomorrow. They were treating him like God even though he is being accused of killing dozens of press people. A month later he was sentenced to multiple life imprisonment after nine years 10 years of intensive and careful examination of the pieces of evidence which were presented. According to the official court records he was the one who turned this local political exercise into a bloodbath. He killed all of those present along with other personalities as if they are killing cockroaches with their guns. This guy is a killer but the attitude of the hospital people is to accept his bribe without any form of hesitation. They are practically begging to their knees for more money when they have full knowledge of what transpired in Maguindanao. You can find ways to justify what the hospital did but as far as I am concerned they are rotten to the core.

    Without any effort, I was able to recall the exercise routines which were devised by his therapist. I wasn't conciously trying to remember but I was able to absorb all routines and I was looking at all those tools and machines which they used to somehow help my brother recover in no time. This was really important as his progress was excellent. The mounting hospital bill is just another common obstacle which we have to overcome to finally get the nod of the doctors to have him discharged as soon as possible. One of my brother's occupational therapist pouted when I mentioned that the patient wanted to obtain a return to work order as though they were fully convinced that it cannot be done. If you were to ask me most of their patients at PM and R are hopeless cases. They are just wasting their money for nothing.

    My brother on the other hand is having problems with his ability to stay fully concious and awake during his therapy sessions. He is also having problems with his bowel movements since the hospital people are insisting on making him take some laxative atleast 12 hours prior to his therapy sessions. The catheter bag is also adding to our problems since it getting in the way of everything that he does. Most of his therapist are puzzled as to why his doctors are not eager to remove it. It is cumbersome whenever he starts standing and walking with the help of his cane. His progress is nothing short of miraculous to say the least as by now he could climb up and down the stairs. He can climb up and down a ramp. He is interested in hearing out patients and their personal stories. It is inappropriate but when we have some free time inside his room we will be laughing at all sorts of things that we gathered and heard straight from the mouths of other patients and out-patients. There is someone who doesn't fail to mention the words online shopping which is somewhat unfortunate but we will create a new spin out of it by insinuating that she could have suffered a stroke because of some vicious addiction and fixation to Shopee or Lazada. This is totally BS but refreshing since most of the doctors and nurses are talking about my brother behind our back. They cannot believe that my brother is still alive and recovering at a very fast pace. Plus they could not figure out how this medical miracle came into being. They also couldn't put their finger as to why they could not spot any signs of us being stressed out or suffering from cabin fever or Stockholm Syndrome. Even though technically we prisoners of the said hospital. Cameras are everywhere. There is no escaping this disaster. Don't forget the mountain of hospital related debt are on our shoulders so to speak.

    This one Sunday is so memorable to us since we taught that we can have the PM and R area for ourselves as there are not accepting out-patients on Sundays. Much to our dismay we have to share it with the pompous high security prison inmate also known as the Back Hoe family of killers. Actually he is there with some uniformed escort jailguards. Let us call this shit show as his entourage. And he is more dismayed that he is sharing this area with us. His blood pressure shoot up to the roof as his vitals were being taken. The whole scenario was our opportunity to properly assess how corrupt this hospital is to the core. His assistant was tasked to give away bundles of 500 peso bills to those therapist whom are present in the area at that time. He is giving away money to a couple of PTRP who are riding the lightning. In a split second an orderly with a wheelchair was ready to transfer him back to his room. The source of our frustration is the fact that my brother and I will have to wait for an hour to get this type of service. It has caused him to miss his lunch everyday because we are not participating in the ugly tipping charade. In the place that most people call us hell, We will find out if this hospital people are superior than us.

    The BPO company wherein my brother currently works is so lucky that Makati City is a synergy of multinational entities. They will not dare to touch each others skin to avoid litigations. One important detail is missing in my brother's Medical Abstract. The place where he suffered a stroke was missing. See you all in hell for deliberately doing this. Fifteen years of slavery to a multinational BPO company is just a trivial number. It does not mean a thing. He didn't receive a single cent of assistance from the higher ups.

    We also fell victims to the parody of errors in the hospital. Before his scheduled therapy session a male nurse gave him the wrong medicine. The result of this supposed mistake is that his systolic level got to a level lower than a 100 when his vitals were checked. If we are going to utilize the first and second order attribution to make a proper inference of what really happened, we can see that it was ordered by the prison inmate so that he can have the PM and R area for himself. It is delightful too see that a doctors prescription can be overpowered and overruled by a nurse. It is obviously not a mistake. The combination of this power tripping execises, sweeping under the rug and protecting the members of every single faction inside the hospital should be enough to remind you that you should stay out of the hospital as much as possible as it is not a place for those patients who really want to stay alive. I am fully capable of inflicting physical pain to the culprit and his master but luckily for them I resisted the urge. The hospital as an entity will protect their own malevolent kind and the nurse will be protected at all cost. They did not even bother to apologize. The result of this namby pamby moment is that my brother missed two therapy sessions which he desperately needs.

    Finally, we were able to get a favorable discharge terms from the hospital management. There was a room key incident which sparked an overreaction on the part of the good old hospital security. Most probably they were wondering and at the same time they were trying to find out how I got the key to room where my brother and I are currently staying. They are trying to make sure that I could see and hear the flimsy measures that they were taking to prevent a breach even though this is the only chance that I have to make them go crazy and paranoid about anything. Well, as I have mentioned earlier, one of those who attended our computer tutorial project back in high school is now working at the hospital. After more than 25 years we were able to see each other face to face once again. My brother and I spent atleast a month in the hospital before my brother was allowed to be discharged.

    My brother forgot about our expertise in caregiving. He practically said that he has doubts as to our ability to assist him with his special needs. Maybe it is the immediate effect anti-depressants or the stroke itself. Almost ten years ago we virtually turned our home into a special medical facility to cater to needs of our dying father. I remember being wide awake for 19 straight hours everyday just to attend to the needs of our father back then. We even have an industrial sized medical oxygen tank. So this is how we reassured my brother that this condition of his is just a piece of cake for us. The operative word in my mind is control. It is useless to strengthen the muscles when there is no control to talk about. Most of his friends are ignorant when it comes to their stupid notion of making my brother do some workout routines that are just designed for normal people. What I did is I devised a plan to make him fully realize he can gain full control of his left side. I also added computer related routines to make him finally see that he can correct the problem that he is having with his eyes. We have routines which makes use of Jenga blocks. We added all of the Hospital routines with other innovative routines to boost his confidence and to put emphasis on control rather than strenght. After three months, the combination of rest, food and advance level routines reaped positive benefits. Now he can do everything on his own including pulling his zipper with his left hand, taking a bath, putting his clothes on and defecating. His partner from the United States visited him and they had a week long vacation before the medical martial law took effect.

    The lockdowns were extended for several months but anyways he was given his return to work order. And he was able to start working again by the start of July 2020. In less than a year after the stroke, he was able to start to work again. This is another one of those unexpected miracles. When the rest of the world are jobless he gets back to work after all the namby pamby scenarios that delayed his return to normalcy. I was relieved since he told our mother that he is depressed because of the fear porn being perpetuated by media outlets prior to his reinstatement.

Self-Evaluation And Self-Assessment

    I can really feel that I am getting old as I am always and my tendency is too allow myself to sleep. My programming skills greatly improved. My experience in smart contracts and in handling future technology might be of great use to all mankind. Caregiving skills were upgraded. My brother is out of the proverbial darkness and he is now proving that he can be as productive as a loyal employee of his chosen company. The future has always been uncertain but thanks a lot the accelerated pace of growth of technology, I am becoming more and more in tuned with the development since technology is my forte.

In Addition


Who is this young man? The time when you don't recognize your youthful self.


Oh! HSBC Electronic Data Processing


Recruitment? From Palo Alto?


When I was just little boy, I actually look like this.


My little self and the smile full of great joy


This is me and my cousin during the best times of our lives


My difficult role of playing a ceremonial angel during my first communion


Shiny medal for academic excellence. My precious.


Why am I so serious?


My college ID.


This is one of those cold storage wallet which comprised my Bitcoin stash. A very reliable piece of my history. I will not make use of this anymore.


I used Greenaddress to facilitate the transfer of my almost forgotten Bitcoin stash.


Letter from Thompson Learning formerly known as ICS Center For Degree Studies.


This is one of those innovative payment system which is backed by gold. The authorities targeted this one and demonized it to oblivion.


Evidence to the fact that my brother who suffered a stroke was able to lead a normal life.


Flexcoin is one of the few Bitcoin custodial wallet which came into existence in 2011. This is my very first Bitcoin wallet.


I wasn't deceiving you when I told you that I joined Metro Pop as this one is the acknowledgement receipt of my official entry.


Invitation to Cybersecurity training.


Therapy forms


Don't come looking for this complimentary pillow.


See I told you this game show exist and it is not for zombies.


My 27 year old disk case and more geeky stuff


My niece hoped that she could get one of these and she accomplished her goal in no time.


Just the beginning. Of a silly walking mortar.


John Lennon brazenly labeled this as a form of cannibalism so keep away from me for this angel might eat you for lunch.


A multi purpose exercise machine


Take a look at the custom optical media installer of Oracle and my ID.


Old monitor but very durable and still reliable.


The dimmest Christmas Lights can very well be the brightest lights in pitch black darkness.

My Future

    The future is about the Great Reset. As of the time of writing this exposition the buzzwords are beginning to reveal itself as if everything is about to be changed by the non-elected officials of the world. They are talking about us being happy even without us owning a property which is stupid since we really don't own anything in the first place. They are making us think that not owning anything is something new when in fact paying for property taxes is in itself an indication that we really do not own anything. The reset is suppose to level the playing field as if we can level it without coercing our fellowmen. It is quite unfortunate that the younger people will be at the receiving end of all this. As a lone human being I know that I cannot help all of them. There are limits to my power and all I can do is scratch my head in despair. Nonetheless I am nearing the end of my days as I know very well that I have abused my body for decades and I know for sure that somewhere along the way my end will come. My goal is to learn as much as I can to be able to help the kids who are going to face the bleak future all alone. I can assure you that I know enough to save some of you with the knowledge and skills which I possess. Nano technology is one the dreaded buzzwords nowadays along with the CBDC which are buzzwords that makes you pout for all eternity.

    Maybe there is a way out of this mess. I know how to somehow replace the old system with a better one and if I succeed then the future will indeed be brighter for all of those who will survive all of these trials and tribulations up until the end. The enemy of the Executors like us will be dealt with in due time. For now let us relax and enjoy the happy thoughts that are still around that we can still hang on to. All we can do right now is play the game of the wise. Rest assured that before I die you will feel the effects of some of the radical changes that will come. The entity TicketMaster is talking about vaccine certifications before allowing anyone into their entertainment domain or realm. Now everything which was labeled as conspiracy theory is now unfolding right before our very eyes. The tin foil hat crowd were right in numerous occasions which makes me wonder who really are the conspiracy theorists of today.

    Bitcoin is now dominating the world and the haters of all things crypto currency is now banging their heads and watching Bitcoin and Ethereum giveaways on YouTube hoping that they will be able to get a free crypto. These people are stupid to think that they can get a couple of free crypto at a time when the price of it will reach the moon in a few months time since financial entities are using it to fill the asset side of their balance sheets. It is very well too late for the lazy bunch who buried their heads in the sand not that we are celebrating the end of paper fiat but because we were ridiculed and belittled left and right by these rabid bunch who are now waiting for someone to give them free Bitcoin for their ignorance. The scammers can smell your blood billions of miles away as your behavior to watch these crypto live streams is a testament to the fact that your reliance to the old system lead to your psychological and emotional demise. Just look at how many are watching these fraudulent live streams and most of the time you will see that 100 thousand people are watching these stupid rehash of dated interviews of famous people in crypto universe. There are ways to adjust to this but most of us will just take the easiest path out and choose the option of taking their own lives. I will advise against it but it is your life anyways.

    I am glad that after months of being stupid and not being able to read between the lines a lot of people are waking up to the fact that the Media is not something to feed on for the rest of their remaining lives. Maybe this is an indication that there is still some glimmer of hope for the kids who will eventually bear the brunt of The Great Reset and The Great Vaccination. If they claim that 90% of the receipients of the vaccine will go on with their normal lives then how about the 10% who will be the willing victims of Dr. Frankenstein. Ten percent of 7 billion is around 700 million people. So tell me where are we going to put their dead bodies after this little experiment. Are they going to suggest next that we eat them as cemeteries will not be able to accommodate all of them plus the fact that crematoriums will be prohibited by Climate Change Accord to operate wantonly.


When your source of brain like Google and YouTube fails to deliver. World panic and anxiety is inevitable.


    I learned this saying that we are standing on shoulders of giants. From what you have read about me and from my personal disclosures it is better to become a giant in your own right and might. The real life journey to self-discovery, self-study and self-exploration will increase our capacity, ability, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. We will then become giants who are standing on shoulders of giants and we will have far reaching perspective compared to our younger selves. We can see farther than ever before. We can smell things farther than we can ever imagine. We can plan ahead better than the younger ones. We can troubleshoot problems faster than ever before. As I reach the prime of my life, I am now looking back at the things that I have done and it was a disaster and a blessing at the same time. I never thought and knew that life in all shapes and sizes will still look precious in my tired little eyes. Years have passed and I can still recall things that happened in the past as if it happened yesterday. Maybe I am one those chosen few who will write everything as it is truthfully. Maybe there is hope in the gloomy darkness ahead of us. I have survived years of hardships that I forgot how complicated the future will look like. Maybe former engineering students are truly resilient even if we are subjected to impossible amount of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and social strain. If sugar coating is your thing then count me out of your way. The future is dark and we know it but let us face it together since I know a way out of this. If the Hive community can get out of a very sticky situation like that of the Sun who am I to put a gloomy rendering into your lives. Recently a former classmate visited me as he was assigned to distribute relief goods to those who were trapped in flood waters in the aftermath of typhoon Ulysses. So after distributing and finishing his duty as a ranking police officer, he had a chance of using his free time and looked for me. He knew where I lived but after 30 years he still thought that I must be an institution and that I will never live anywhere else. So after years of not being able to have any form of contact with me, he finally had a chance to have a talk with me in our place of domicile. I never thought that I will be able to remember things that happened 36 years ago when we were in a Kindergarten class. We could still remember what happened to us when we were young and the details are as sharp as as a chef's knife. The social lives that we shared with our friends and classmates were truly precious as we move towards impersonal living where everybody is being suspected of carrying a killer virus. We cannot go back in time like a time traveler but we can use our ability to recollect memories to find future solutions to our problem with paranoia and vitriol.