New Paradigm Family Farm - Introduce Yourself

Hello Hive Community !!

This account is a family account shared by its members. We are a family of 4 and now have 4 laying hens which we started from fertilized eggs!




We also have few quails, which we think they are easier to handle. Quails are among the birds who lay the biggest eggs relative to its bird size.







Since we are getting more and more familiar with Hive, its mechanisms and tokens, we decided to lead the way to a new paradigm of food production on web3.0.

Hive - Join The Revolution.jpg

We are familiar with @newparadigmtt 's vision ( and would like to contribute our part in showing how it can be done. Sure we don't need big investments or capital to start with. Any small farm/Hive shops can. We really started from scratch with minimal ressources and recycled materials. Many ways to use Hive creatively.



We have a small chicken coop as a temporary shelter for now. We would like to move our operation to another location (under construction) where we could easily have more birds and maybe few pigs. One thing at a time.


If we cannot ourselves go everyday or so take care of our animals, our friendly neighbours will be invited to go in exchange for $ManHour of services. Over time, people will volunteer and be rewarded with NPTT tokens an get "virtually free" food. This is highly scalable.


We have more than we know folks!


We now have put on market our first dozen of eggs. Many friends of ours have already been introduced to Hive without them necessarily having created an account yet. We are now engaging with them to invite them to create an Hive account and start testing the whole process in real time. Everything is ready, all the computer mechanics are ready, we just need to use Hive for what it can do.

We are very keen on automation and reducing the $ManHour price for food in the most human & efficient way possible. Let's not forget that Life itself is already automated to produce more life. DNA... We just need to offer it the proper environment/parameters and we do it with Love.

This is only the beginning of our journey. We want to collaborate with other farmers throughout the world. Producing food Hive Style! This is just a way to introduce a concept. Thank you @austinsteinbart for talking about Hive. We ultimately want to produce underground automated solar green houses with minimal $ManHour requirements. Nothing boring about our friend Elon and developing grow kits/concepts for space explorations. It needs first to start with the self right?!👍😎

In addition to our farming activities, we also host an HiveBnb, were travelers can use $HiveBnb tokens to come stay at our place for visit and optionally contribute as volunteers to our small farm and receive $ManHours. In any cases, HiveBnb guests will have a good opportunity to learn about this innovative process and spend time with hosts. We could have great talk around the fire.


More update about our journey soon!



The kids keep hearing Frying Bacon when I mention @Frankbacon !




Manually curated by goldendawne from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @Qurator. I am discovering you work too with great interest! :) 👍😎

Very good investment into your account.
I will also be passing you youme man hours.

This is great and you definitely have my attention. We have a tiny homestead, we are learning and investing in crypto, and we are learning about web 3.0 as well. You mention a hivebnb, and I would really like to know more about that. We have a little cabin we are renovating to list on either airbnb or hipcamp but if there is a hivebnb...
Great post and I am definitely hitting that follow button!

Hello @freemotherearth and thank you for your interest :)

Good idea about the cabin. 👍😎 Now the goal is to bring Hivers to it!

In our case, we already are listed with Airbnb. This is great and allowed one of us to stay home and take care of our family business. Freedom for All !! (WWG1WGA). We have no publicity plan for now except to use in the future an app running over Hive. I imagine for now we could create an Hive post with some tags like :

HivebnbCanadaNBCity (putting your own city name.)
Link to a calendar (Link to Airbnb live calendar! or IPNS over an IPFS element)

In the mean time, if you can show us proof of your cabin and tell me how much Hive backed dollar equivalent you want for a night. We will put on market for you few $Hivebnb tokens. Your customer is resposible for acquiring and offering the token to you according to your arrangement with him. Our group will buy back same price 100% of those if you so chose to not sell them back on market yourself. Once they are created, issued and in circulation, the community can recycle those tokens by reusing them the Hive way! Without us being involved!

For now, we are the first and only NPTT Witness Hive Shop. But if our relation grow in trust with @freemotherearth and you express interest in becoming a witness yourself, we would love to establish procedures where you could introduce new tokens to the market and manage part of growing NPTT operations. Such activity takes time right? Well we have $ManHour tokens for it too!

The Hive mechanisms are ready, the fancy apps are coming.

This is great. I've been looking at similiar things for my local community but we're struggling to see how it would work, especially with the older gen. Keenly watching to see how you do it. Suggesting you use #naturalmedicine tag as well? We really like supporting homesteading content as food resilience and gardening is earth medicine to me. Really happy to work alongside other homesteading accounts to bring more rewards for those who are pushing this new world order in terms of homesteading. Welcome, anyway!

Hello @riverflows and thank you for your interest. Regarding how to introduce the older generation to Hive, we plan on using family and relationships to talk about new ways of living through the circumstances (a world in crisis).

Like the kids are not yet really on social media, but when they will post on hive, grandpa and grandma & aunty will want to see right? Grandpa! Vote my post and/or delegate your savings! So on our next visit with the kids over to their place, we will teach the upper generations about Hive and blockchain. How it could even be used as a trouble free Will (in case of death), where you can share your key$ with loved ones. As long as they know about securing their own keys and know how to log in, the rest is as simple as it can be. The kids can create accounts with them and print their keys in no time. They went through the process once with this family account. Switch location and repeat!

We will share knowledge and time to those (friends and family) who we witness genuine interest in this : "New World Order in term of homesteading".

WOW! Thank You for sharing your hard work and dedication !!

It's all about the sizzle : )

Thanks to you my friend for your capacity of appreciation! Let's sizzle it! Shall we !!

Welcome to the platform

Thank You @goldendawne :) You have such a name in ORDER! This is only the beginning new friend!!

Welcome newparadigmff!
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Hello @newparadigmff ! . This is @macchiata from the @ocd team. Welcome to the hive blockchain and congratulations for making your introductory post. Feel free to hop into our Discord server in order to interact with thousands of other Hive users and get whatever question you might have answered.

We ultimately want to produce underground automated solar green houses with minimal $ManHour requirements.

That sounds so cool! Definitely looking forward to your posts.

Once again, Welcome to Hive.

Thank You @lovesniper ! You are Right on Target! 👍😎

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You've been curated by @minismallholding for Natural Medicine's homesteading newsletter, supporting gardeners, permaculturalists, foragers, environmentalists and other earth centred relationships with the earth.

Thank You @naturalmedicine !! 👍😎 So heart warming to see such a community on Hive already!! The world is so great!!!


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I Highly recommend the Brave Browser and the Keychain app.
Also, instead of paper copies of Keys, simply take High Res pics of them!
There are still more secrets to learn...

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