Mo péboulaubradat. (Or in Relformaide, "I had to move.")

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In case you're wondering, I'm the Steemit newcomer responsible for Relformaide since September 2016. Initially inspired by the Romance branch of Indo-European, Relformaide belongs to a subset of constructed languages called "worldlangs", which take their grammar, vocabulary, syntax, &c. from various natural languages the world over. Learn more at its official wiki,

For the linguistic nerds out there, a morpheme breakdown + IPA of the title:

m-o pé-boul-aubr-ad-at;
/mo peɪ.bʊ.lɔ.bɹæ.dæt/.

And now...

More than three and a half hours since I wrapped up almost seven long, crazy years on a soon-to-close public Google+--and nine days since I registered through Steem Ninja (thanks, Otto Rapp / @thermoplastic!)--a transition has begun for me online and offline. The suburban T/SP home where I and my family lived for two years was a rental, and now we're packing our bags and boxes en route to a new ZIP code next week--a big factor in my decision to end my Plus tenure when I had to. (I was even worried our cable/Internet service would be severed before I had the chance--turns out I made the best out of an extra week, for which I can be grateful.) So now that this refugee has defected to yet another post-for-pay outlet instead of MeWe, Pluspora, and their ilk--because as I type, nothing else comes close to a replacement as yet...

If you've just found me here by chance or through my last few Plus posts, I am what you may call a cyber-transient. (Meaning: I settle on a site for a few months, then move on to something better, more interesting, or niche-relevant.) Since 2005, you may or may not have seen me in action on Wikipedia, Wikia,, Referata,, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Empire Avenue/Empire.Kred, Reddit...and most importantly, my long-time hub at Google+. Effective tonight (23/2/2019), Steemit joins that long calling-card list; with G+ winding down this April, a best-of WordPress archive soon will. So many links, so little time. (Speaking of LFM: I also made the late great imeem and Grooveshark part of my online routine.)

I am also a self-described man of many interests, which shows in the projects I keep circling back to every so often: An anthro adventure series for children called Unspooled; an action-thriller revenge fantasy, The Sevton Saga, and its North Atlantic island setting Rogatia; a reprint of Ernest Vincent Wright's lipogram, Gadsby; a conlang called Relformaide (as mentioned above); and St. Isabel, an island realm north of the Greater Antilles--not to mention anthro commissions on the side any month from now. (Not to mention Veritas, a gift map dedicated to my Plus contacts.) Also, I'm a pop-culture geek for hire--whenever the time strikes. No wonder I visit TV Tropes every once and again. Not to mention I'm into quality music (and not just the Billboard hits) and animation (and not just Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks)...

Besides, almost no one knows that I'm also an amicable, well-tempered, generous-when-able 32-year-old expatriate from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Windwards of the West Indies, currently based in the Sunshine State--unless I reminded you here or elsewhere. (Before 2017, it was Connecticut's Brass City, Waterbury; before northern fall 2006, the Bronx in New York.) If any other Nature Islanders reside on this platform, I'll search around.

If you must thank anyone for encouraging me to get an account here on Steemit, best to say hello to Mr. Rapp again. (Following him after I post this.)

Last, but not least: This was supposed to be based on something similar I invested in on 3tags a few years ago, but never backed up through or otherwise; let that scenario be a lesson in your creative future. Too late for me and dozens of others by now, sadly. (3tags--no surprise if that name's new to you--was a budding competitor to the more high-profile Tsū in the post-to-pay arena. But both outlets died out before most knew it: Tsū ran out of investment money [and in the middle of a sitewide talent contest, to boot!], while 3tags gutted away its user-generated content to make way for science-oriented retool Pionic. That incarnation also fell on the wayside by November 2017. No winning either experiment, is there? All eyes are on Steemit's fate, sooner or later.)

Well, now that I'm practically through's to a new start, a new online climate (looking at you, Tumblr, Mr. Pai, and those behind FOSTA/SESTA), and a new shot at getting my ambitious career on track (but it could get worse). Also, be there as I trot out reruns from the G+ years (as time, demand, opportunity, and occasion permit). Until then, fellow furs, scribes, linguists, mappers, and islanders:

Take care, stay connected, keep exploring, joaŕparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

This is your Once and Future Captain speaking. See you as I continue #WhatLiesAground and the Marigot Notebook, right here on you-know-where.

Keep Calm...Steem On.

mi'o mi'e
la .reDJInold,RUFuik.


Placeholder icon for the old Aground feed, by Reginald Routhwick. (18/1/2013; CC0/Kopimi)

As an aside--because we need an image to spruce things up a little--here's the placeholder icon I started out with back in early 2013, and switched back to last month as the old Plus version of this feed was winding down. (Ignore the reference here, and treat it as a reminder of a more promising past; pity I never got to edit it out.)

Which reminds me: A new permanent centred icon (for Steemit and potential Twitter purposes) is on the docket.


Another aside: When I proclaimed on my Plus feed yesterday that Steemit's markdown blew the competition out of the water...turns out I was right. Which (along with some tip lookup) contributed to this intro's long development time, so much so that I'll save the source code for keeps in my JotterPad files and learn from it.

Adapted from "Greetings, Patrons!", a January 12 post by this author on his Patreon tip jar.

CC0 Kopimi

(Created on a Galaxy Tab A)
(2432) (If you're tuning in for the first time, that's the number of days that have elapsed since this feed's G+ début [on June 28, 2012]. The counter is a carryover from those good old times; I wouldn't part with it for nothing.)


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