My first post in hive (Introduction)

Hi to all dear friends I am new here in this platform.
I haven't heard about this social media platform before one of my friend told me about this amazing platform by which I can really eran a good amount of money at first I thought he is just having fun with me then he shows some of his posts and other posts from this platform.

Then I realise that I should give it a try.

My self yogesh Bhatt I am from Uttarakhand India.

I am an designer by profession but by passion I am a photographer. I love to tracking a lot.

I love to take photographs of nature and mine too 😉

I will share some of my photographs that I have taken recently I hope you will like it.

all the photographs are taken by me, this all are of Munsyari (khaleya top zero point) ,pithoragarh uttarakhand




thanks a lot for being here.


Welcome yogeshbhatt!
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Welcome to Hive.