Showcase Sunday: The Faces Of Crypto-Trading

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As the cryptocurrency market heats back up and the first round of Media Attention takes place I am reminded of watching people buying and trading during the bull market!

This is the story of Crypto-trading told in a series of pictures:

Carefully selecting cryptos to trade

Order Placed, Next Candle headed in the right direction.

Look at this go! I am amazing!

Imagines showing his new Lambo to the jock that was mean in school.

Ahhh, is that a slight downward indicator?

Now that I'm a trader I will need some tools!

Stays up late watching charts.

Wakes up to large red candle.

Realizing the trade went poorly.

Picking the next trade


Parts of this post first appeared on Steemit here.



I almost went through this :) though not real trading but in terms of buying steem. I bought steem when it was 1 $ to 0.2 $ last. And then when it was 0.12$, I thought, I will wait for some time and see and then buy. But since then, it has gone over. Now when I was deciding to buy, this new tron steemy affairs are keeping me paused.

And today, there is a new event going on soft-fork-222 along with a townhall declaration from Justin. So I have decided to pause buying till few days more. Lets see where we land. Going for a vacation for a 7-8 days and will be back on March 6th, I hope , things will clear out by then.

Haha brings back memories. I recall the saying I thought remastered rather clever. “Forks lead to knives.” Green or red and I guess it depends upon the classification being news or rumour which colour you get.

Golden cross on the daily chart of bitcoin means we may be in for some good upward movement. Prepare for the fomo!

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That guy with the Monitors was me back 15 and 20 years ago lol

Yep and several others that are still here now.

Haha. Just the way I'm feeling right now. Forex trading is making me sick these days. Going for a break 😂😂😂

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Lol 😀. That's a funny Meme though. What tools?

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No trading for me, I took a lot of my crypto profits and paid off debts and invested in hard assets. I should have bought more BTC at $300.00..... hahaha


'trading isn't for everyone' , to paraphrase a saying around these parts!

(hope you enjoyed the steem I sent you, from my trades!lol)

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