Personal testimony from his return to Israel, Ben Gurion Airport, sent to the Israeli Ministry of Health

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Below is personal testimony from an Israeli Jew who recently returned to Israel from a business trip. His mother was a survivor, so all those who deny people the right to make Holocaust comparisons had best be quiet.

I spoke with him on the phone and this brave man gave me persmission to share it with his name and his Facebook page. He is currently still being held captive in a detention center cynically referred to by the authorities as a hotel.

English translation follows the original Hebrew.

עדות אישית מהחזרה לארץ, נתב"ג
מכאן מצוטט

משרד הבריאות שלום
אתמול חזרתי לארץ לאחר חודשיים בתאילנד מטעמי עבודה קשרי משרד החוץ,
אני לא מחוסן ואני לא חליתי
לצערי -מסתבר.

כשהגעתי לשדה התעופה בנתב"ג היתה הרגשה של הנה המשלוח של היהודונים המטונפים מהגולה הגיעו . ואז החלה הסלקציה כמו בפולין בוורשה בכיכר השילוחים.
מי שחלה או חוסן אמרו לו ללכת ימינה ומי שלא חוסן נאלץ ללכת שמאלה .
ילדים, גברים, צעירים, זקנים, זקנות ואנשים שכל מה שרצו בחיים זה לחזור לארץ למשפחתם ולעבודתם כמובן שלאחר בידוד ביתי . והנה לאחר הסלקציה נפגשנו בשוטרי מדינת ישראל שממש דיברו לא יפה, דיברו בטונים צורמים שלא נעים בכלל לכל אוזן יהודי נורמלי . זה פשוט הזכיר לי בגרמניה את הרייך .
השוטרים היו גם עם משטרה סמויה וגם עם שוטרי מג"ב כמות יפה למשחק כדורגל היות ורק מדובר על 35 איש מהסלקציה .
היינו צריכים לעבור את מסע ההשפלה בוועדת חריגים , הרי התשובות ידועות מראש ומי שקצת מעד או הרים את קולו ישר הגיעו אליו שוטרי משטרת ישראל ושוטרי המג"ב , למען שיסתום את הפה אחרת או יאזק ויילקח למעצר או 5,000 ש"ח .
במיוחד צרם לי שאישה נשכבה על הריצפה מסרבת להתפנות ואז הגיעה המנהלת של וועדת חריגים בנתב"ג והתחילה לצרוח עליה שתקום מיד ותלך לבדיקת קורונה.
פשוט הזכיר לי שוטר גרמני שצורח על יהודיה בגטו.
לאחר וועדת חריגים סומנתי עם צמיד וורוד כיהודון שצריך בדיקת קורונה . סיטואציה לא נעימה שדוחפים לך מקל באף וכל אותם 50 איש מסתכלים עליי, אין אפילו פרטיות . ובמקרה היה ילד שבכה ואמא שלו השתיקה אותו כי נאמר לו שהמשטרה תבוא .
בתור יהודון טוב ששירת 30 שנה בצבא לקחתי את חפציי ועליתי לאוטובוס, הולכים בטור עם המזוודה נשים, זקנים, ילדים וגברים.
סיטואציה של גרמניה הנאצית
מי שמסרב לעלות לאוטובוס מקבל או אזיקים או דוח של 5,000 ש"ח, כמובן שאנחנו יהודונים טובים אז עלינו לאוטובוס למחנה ריכוז 'עץ הזית' שבירושלים -מלון מטונף עם שמיכות מימי הפלמ"ח, אוכל לא טרי וחדרים מעופשים, פשוט סירחון אחד גדול - אשמח לשלוח סרטונים.
אבל אנחנו יהודונים מטונפים עם חשש לקורונה ומתייחסים אלינו בהתאם.
פשוט בושה לממשלה, לפיקוד העורף ולמשטרת ישראל על התנהגות כלפי אותם יהודונים מטונפים שכל מה שרצו זה לבלות את הבידוד בביתם או בבית מלון שיותר טוב ממחנה הריכוז 'עץ הזית'.

בתודה עופר מנור יהודון גאה.

"Personal testimony from his return to Israel, Ben Gurion Airport, sent to the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Hence quoted:

Ministry of Health, Shalom.

Yesterday I returned to Israel after two months in Thailand for work reasons of Foreign Ministry Relations.
I am not vaccinated and I have not been ill… Unfortunately - it turns out.

When I arrived at the airport at Ben Gurion Airport, there was a feeling that "the shipment of the filthy Jews" from the Diaspora had arrived.
Those who were ill or resilient were told to go right and those who were not resilient were forced to go left.

Children, men, young people, old men, old women and people who all they wanted in life was to return to Israel for their family and work, of course after home isolation. And here after the selection, we met the policemen of the State of Israel who really spoke badly, spoke in jarring tones that were not at all pleasant to any normal Jewish ear. It just reminded me of the Reich in Germany.

The policemen were both with the undercover police and with the border police, a good amount for a football game though it was only about 35 people from the selection.

We had to go through the humiliation campaign in an exceptions committee, the answers are known in advance and whoever stumbled or raised his voice, straight came to the Israel Police and the Border Police, so that he would shut up or will be handcuffed and taken into custody or pay a fine of NIS 5,000.

I was particularly annoyed that a woman lying on the floor refused to vacate and then the director of the Ben Gurion Airport Exceptions Committee arrived and started screaming at her to get up immediately and go for a corona examination.

He reminded me of a German policeman screaming at a Jewish woman in the ghetto.

After an exceptions committee, I was marked with a pink bracelet as a Jew who needed a corona examination. An unpleasant situation that you are pushed in the nose and all those 50 people are looking at me, there is not even privacy. And by chance, there was a boy who was crying and his mother silenced him because he was told the police would come.

As a good Jew who served 30 years in the army, I took my belongings and got on the bus, walking in a column with the suitcase, women, old people, children and men.

Situation like in Nazi Germany...

Those who refuse to get on the bus receive either handcuffs or a fine of 5,000 NIS, of course we are good Jews so we got on the bus to the 'Olive Tree' concentration camp in Jerusalem - a filthy hotel with blankets from the Palmach days, not fresh food and musty rooms, just one big stench - I would love to send videos.

But we are filthy Jews with a fear of Corona and are treated accordingly.

It is simply a shame for the government, the Home Front Command and the Israeli police for behaving towards those "filthy Jews" who only wanted to spend the isolation in their home or in a hotel that is better than the 'Olive Tree' concentration camp."

[Not a picture of the author but of someone else protesting about the same thing].

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This is both sad and terrifying. The hysteria can only be explained as demonic - that it's happening in Israel to their own people is unnerving.

"Demonic" is an apt description for the global mass psychosis the COVID-19 has created.

This is so fitting to the upside down world of 2021.
This governmental behavior totally contradicts the founding reason of Israel.

Exactly! It is supposed to be a safe place for all Jews and now the government is creating second class citizens! Medical Apartheid.

What if I told you that Bejamin Netanyahu is a former Nazi war criminal who had his consciousness transferred to a new body? Would you believe me?

76% of the Israeli government are former Nazi war criminals and former Nazi soldiers.

~ Tory Smith

For some reason they separate Jewish people from the rest of the population of earth.

~ Tory Smith

I don't think we have to resort to such outlandish explanations to explain this evil.

Likud and Bibi have been in power way too long and are in bed with Big Pharma and have signed a deal to make the Israeli population into guinea pigs for this experimental RNA jab in return for early access.

They have some percentage jabbed they have to meet in the agreement and they are using draconian methods to achieve it.

Tory Smith paid with his life to bring you this "outlandish" info.

What's really outlandish is you believing that the Israeli government is legit and not a for-profit corporation built to extract everything you have.

I never said I believed that.
What happened to Tory Smith?
You provided no context for or summary of these videos.
I don't have time to watch long videos.

I never said I believed that.

I apologize for putting words in your mouth then.

What happened to Tory Smith?

He was killed with advanced weapons.

Here's a short video from Israeli News Live talking about the "vaccine" and how we're being exterminated:

Did Netanyahu Give a Subliminal Message?

Wasn't the prejudism already there?

Not even Pfizer CEO is allowed in:

Albert Bourla has cancelled his expected visit to Israel after it turned out he was not fully vaccinated against coronavirus, N12 reported Friday.

Jerusalem Post, MARCH 6, 2021

A lively black market for fake vaccination certificates is already flourishing on Telegram, where more than 100,000 users have joined, offering fakes (of the Green Pass) at a price of around 100 euros, the Channel 12 news channel also reported.

Wochenblick - Austria, March 8th 2021

wondering how efficient this black market is, if even Austrian media has heard of it.

Yup! It’s really incredibly bad what’s happening there!!:b

The mainstream media is controlled in every country!

Thanks for alerting me to this video and Israeli activist against Corona Tyranny.

Hi! This might interest you too. It’s very sad and frightening what’s happening around the world, step by step!

On the picture Del Bigtree


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Hello @apshamilton

It is regrettable as despite all that happened in the Holocaust, currently continue to commit this type of humiliation and humiliation, the world is obliged to stop these arbitrariness.Thank you for giving visibility to this testimony.

Yours, Piotr