Sanders is a complete disgrace to the Jewish people.

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I am so sick of Lefties rooting for our enemies while plotting our own destruction.

If you have been to Palestine, then you surely see how poor it is compared to Israel, but you should take to see how it compares also with many of its oil-rich Muslim neighbors, and realize that if those rich neighbors had given the Palestinians as much wealth to build infrastructure, education, and commerce as they have given them in weapons and military advice, Palestine would be a Beirut rather than a backward-ass third world flashpoint and hellhole.

Then consider this; no country has given more of its wealth and has done more to lift up the commerce and civil society of Palestine than Israel. They have built many of the schools and much of infrastructure the Palestinians take for granted. Many of them work in and depend on Israel, even as many of them plot its destruction as pawns for other hostile nations (primarily Iran and Syria).

Just like the recent rash of refugees to Europe has proven, the Muslim world does not take care of its own. Their aims aren't to support immigration and peace, but rather to infiltrate and destroy the West.

A true understanding of the plight Palestine begins with the question: Why are they a pawn in the chess game against Israel rather the greatest beneficiary of Muslim largesse?

Furthermore, one should understand the history of the peace agreements between Israel and Palestine. Why did Arafat walk away from the negotiation table when Israel had given him everything he had ever asked for?

Why has Mahmood Abbas (Abu Masin) not followed through with the Y River Accords? Why is that Israel continues to give up more and more for peace but yet Palestinians never stop their attacks for long?

Why is that most of the other nations in the region have now recognized Israel's right to exist and accepted them as peace partners but yet the same antagonists (Hezbollah) that stoke the wars in Lebanon (Iran and Syria) still continue to fund Hamas in Palestine?

History shows that if Palestinians put down their arms there will be peace and progress, but if Israel puts down theirs they'd be under attack.

It's long past seeing Palestine as a victim to see them as a tragic pawn in a larger game which aims to wipe Israel off the planet.

I really think you need to see this from the other side. Israel isn't committing terrorism, bombing buses, lopping bombs and indiscriminately killing civilians. The Palestinians are. Retaliation is to be expected.

I've forgotten far more than I remembered about the ancient history. Nowadays I start with the founding of Israel which I consider to be legitimate and the wars upon it by those who don't.

It's clear that Israel does not have designs to conquer and wants to be good neighbors. There is plenty of history now which shows that peace is possible if only its neighbors put down their arms and stick to the peace treaties.

Of course there is plenty of propaganda on the Palestinian side which lies and exaggerates what happening, but never finds fault with their people using human shields, launching missiles from schools and hospitals, or even blaming Israel when their own rockets fail to hit their intended targets (which they rarely have since they're just terrorists trying to indiscriminately kill civilians) and instead land in Palestine and hit their own people.

I am sorry to say, but you've been hoodwinked. The record is clear. If Palestine wants peace and prosperity all they need to do is put down their arms and let it happen. -Just like the America's race war, there are some who benefit from it rather than the resolution and reconciliation with their neighbors.