Ilana Rachel Daniels on Alex Jones show!

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The Alex Jones Show is one of the biggest names in alternative media.

Ilana Rachel Daniels from the Rappeh Party is interviewed about the COVID-19 situation in Israel where Benjamin Netanyahu's government has created a medical tyranny:

  • creating 2nd class citizens of those who don't want to be lab rats for experimental RNA vaccines with "Green Passports" and stigmatisation;
  • using paramilitary Border Police to beat up Orthodox Jews who are protesting about lockdowns;
  • preventing Jews praying in Synagogues;
  • forcing children to take an experimental RNA treatment in order to do their final exams;
  • abusing incoming Jewish passengers at Ben Gurion forcing them to choose between vaccination and being imprisoned at home with electronic "Freedom Bracelets" normally only used for convicted felons.

Jones and Daniels rightly compare this to the actions of the Nazis against the Jews in The Holocaust, where the 1935 Nuremberg Laws created second class citizens which were the prelude to stigmatization, roundups, forced medical experimentation and ultimately Death Squads and Death Camps.

While the images may be disturbing, the comparison is apt and the ones I find most disturbing are the appalling abuse of Ultra-Orthodox Jews by Israeli Border Police - a para-military force which (as the name suggests) are supposed to protect borders against external threats, not be used for internal policing against peaceful protesters.

The Rappeh Party is standing in the 23 March Israeli Elections against this Corona Tyranny. It is the only party clearly against lockdowns, green passports, mask mandates, "Freedom Bracelets" and coercion for any medical treatment including experimental RNA treatments.


she was AMAZING !!! sublime ! what I find stupid is this "cult of the shoa" what the fuck, nothing special... a people, another, wipe out ! a very classic. and so to not use words is detrimental. the nazis weren't only "jew killers". maybe she could call laura loomer and this kind of filth in the usa to explain them why censoring anyone including antisemith is a bad idea...

Ilana was superb and Alex Jones was the best behaved I've ever seen him.

Some may find the Holocaust images shocking but I've seen them many times before.

What I found really shocking was the images of the Israeli Border Police beating up Orthodox Jews who were peacefully protesting.

I love so much the china - iran deal ! it's so beautiful that those who supported epstein and pedogate in tel aviv, are facing finally an asymetric war on the negative side (meaning it's not gazaeans)...

will you be drafted? ehehhehehe.