Steemhunt Airdrop (ITA-ENG)

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Steemhunt is a platform on the Steem blockchain where you can write reviews of products of various kinds, and receive earnings thanks to the upvotes received on your post.

But not only .... the platform will have its own token,HUNT, which for now are ERC20 tokens, but in the future, when they will be implemented, they will be Smart Media Tokens.

In the future, HUNT will be distributed to all users who have Steem Power (1: 1 ratio) in their wallet, but now you can earn HUNT by posting reviews, referrals, voting, and resteeming: so with a little daily effort ( even just a few votes on the application), you can earn some HUNT tokens in your wallet.

How much they will be worth and when the Steem Media Tokens, and the Hunt, will come out, I do not know, but it's a good idea to focus on these projects now that they are just starting.

Of course, always check the links and keep your passwords secure.

Thanks for your attention and see you next time.

image from the Steemhunt website.

Steemhunt è una piattaforma sulla blockchain di Steem in cui scrivere recensioni di prodotti di vario genere, e ricevere guadagni grazie agli upvote ricevuti sul proprio post.

Ma non solo.... la piattaforma avrà il proprio token,gli HUNT, che per adesso sono token ERC20, ma in futuro, quando verrano implementati, saranno Smart Media Token.

In futuro gli HUNT verranno distribuiti a tutti gli utenti che hanno Steem Power (rapporto 1:1)nel proprio wallet, ma adesso è possibile guadagnare HUNT postando recensioni, con i referrals, votando, e facendo resteem: quindi con un piccolo sforzo quotidiano (anche solo qualche voto sulla piattafortma), potete guadagnare qualche token HUNT nel vostro wallet.

Quanto varranno e quando usciranno i Steem Media Token , e gli HUNT, non lo so, però è una buona idea puntare subito su questi progetti che sono in fase in iniziale.

Ovviamente controllate sempre i link e tenete al sicuro le vostre password.

Grazie dell'attenzione e alla prossima.

Immagine del sito Steemhunt


i'm glad steem is branching out, the decline in price is depressing though

I've been seeing steemhunt for days but the truth is that I was not sure what it was or what it was for, the publications I've seen about steemhunt have been about the Iphone app and the same steemhunt has voted more than 150sbd.

Thanks @giuatt07 for clarifying more about what SteemHunt is.

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Thank you for the advice.
Have a good day @nathanmars

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Ho sentito qualcosa anch'io su Steemhunt, mi informerò, intanto grazie delle preziose segnalazioni!!!

Avevo letto la notizia su un post di @thenightflier.
L'idea non è male, soprattutto perché utilizza token propri.

I will surely use Steemhunt to write some amazing views about products.

Thanks for this wonderful information sir.

I wish Hunt Token air drop will be successful.

Already using it and I am in love!

interessante. L'idea in effetti è carina.

hopefully can be achieved for the future.

Very interesting, we will try steemhunt.
Bravo @giuatt07

Oh that sounds good I think it's great! I will prove in fact thank you very much for the information is excellent to get some extra income