“Dog’s Life and Human’s Life 犬の生活と人間の暮らし”

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“Dog’s Life and Human’s Life”

Since we started having the pandemic and are spending time at home more than before, I noticed that my dog’s behavior has changed.

He looks more calm and happy than before because he can spend more time with family. I think most pets are having nice times with their family. Before, almost all pets stayed home by themselves for long hours. I think animals are very easy to adapt to new situations or environments. Humans are not really, unfortunately. Humans struggle through change.

By the way, we have very hot nice summer weather in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our summer is pretty short so we have to enjoy this beautiful weather. I am happy that I can dry my laundry and food outside. Also, my vegetables are growing very well in my garden. I can’t wait for harvest season but I want summer to stay as long as it can.






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